The largest monument in tribute to the Malvinas ex-combatants will be inaugurated in Zapala

It is a work of the Neuquén sculptor Aldo Beroisa, construction began in June 2022 and hopes to be inaugurated on June 9. It weighs 20 tons, is 15 meters high.

8 de May de 2024 11:31

Zapala is located 184 kilometers from the City of Neuquén and the work is located at the intersection of Route 14 and Fortabat access.

The largest monument that has ever existed in tribute to the Argentine soldiers who fought in the Malvinas War is about to be inaugurated in Patagonia: the structure, which weighs approximately 20 tons, is 15 meters high and if you add the pedestal It reaches 17 meters.

This great monument will be located in the town of Zapala, which is located 184 kilometers from the City of Neuquén, it was founded in 1913, it has 32 thousand inhabitants and its greatest economic activity is mining, which stands out for the manufacture of cement and lime, mineral grinding and flagstone cutting.

The sculpture will specifically be located near Route 14 and the Fortabat Access : it will have the Argentine soldier as the main protagonist, placing one knee on the ground and carrying the national flag in his right hand.

This work was created by the Neuquén sculptor Aldo Beroisa , construction began in June 2022 and it is expected to be ready next Sunday, June 9, so in total it will have been completed after two years of work. Additionally, in the dry plaza that surrounds the sculpture structure there will be a hermitage with the figure of the Virgin of Luján.

It is expected that former Malvinas combatants from different parts of Argentina will attend the inauguration, that a military parade will take place and that there will also be a musical festival in which artists from the province of Neuquén will perform.

“The origin of such a sculpture arises from the premise of honoring the soldiers who fell in the Malvinas War, both the heroes who remained in the Islands and those who returned once the conflict was over,” they explain from the Municipality of Zapala.


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