In 80 days the Galicians cut and stretched a ship to fill its holds with the fish they stole from the Argentine people

Spain imposes economic vampirism against Argentina, at the cost of plundering its natural wealth in the Malvinas, in partnership with the British.

17 de January de 2023 09:11

The New Polar with Malvinas registration: FK 0402 - Only in structural matters they invested 5 million euros in its reform

The wave of investments in the Galician fishing sector that captures illegally in the Malvinas in partnership with the Kelpers does not stop . This is the case of the Lafonia company, which in October last year sent its New Polar freezer ship to the Nodosa Shipyard ; which, in less than 3 months, cut it and lengthened it by 15 meters, to now reach 88.5 meters from the 74 it had when it was launched in 2004.

Thus, in a record of Spanish naval engineering, during the course of this week; The ship plans to return to the water and then immediately depart for the South Atlantic, with the purpose of storing in its holds the loligo squid that the Spanish fleet will begin to extract from next February 26.

And it has not only been the excellent performances in the campaigns of recent years that have led to Lafonia   (who operates in Malvinas waters in association with Polar Seafish ), to invest more than 5 million euros just in the stretching tasks carried out in the naval workshops of Nodosa Shipyard ; but especially the renewal of fishing permits for 25 years that were granted exclusively by the illegal British government that usurps the islands; which provides them with the necessary legal guarantees to carry out the pharaonic looting, in the face of the inexplicable inaction of the government of President Alberto Fernández , his chancellor Santiago Cafiero , and the secretary of Malvinas Guillermo Carmona .

The ship was cut in two on Saturday, October 29, leaving a shocking image among walkers in the Galician port of Marín who observed this iron giant split in two.

Specifically, in addition to the stretching developed with the addition of 170 tons of naval steel, a new propulsion plant was installed on the ship, greater cooling capacity was added to the hold, and better amenities for the entire crew.

  “What anguish, dear King” ( SEE VIDEO )

Thus, the kingdom of Spain manages to impose economic vampirism against the South American nation, at the cost of plundering its natural wealth in partnership with the British; which provides them, not only jobs at sea and top quality food resources in the food pyramid, but also naval development, added value by the industrialization of fishing, increasing the marketing chain and increasing their tax income.

A great scam that hides behind twisted bilateral relations and diplomatic agreements, absolutely contrary to the independence process achieved at the dawn of the Homeland, which will turn 213 years old this year.

King Felipe VI of Spain with the businessmen of Nodosa, on May 25, 2022

“In this way, Nodosa Shipyard deepens the close relationship it maintains with the fishing companies that work in the Malvinas. And last September it confirmed the construction of the Prion , an 85-meter trawler for the firm Petrel Fishing Company Ltd , in which Pescapuerta has a stake. For this same firm it already manufactured the Falcon in 2021, while in recent years it also manufactured units for Pereira (Argos Cíes) or Rampesca, the Montelourido and Monteferro ships. Currently, the shipyard is negotiating for more ships for the fishing ground in order to increase its order book,” the Galician media Faro de Vigo listed with plenty of optimism last October.

The Lafonia company that operates the New Polar ship belonged to Pescanova , which was sold in 2016 to the Frigoríficos del Morrazo SA group.

By Agenda Malvinas


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