“Norita” Cortiñas, the Mother of Plaza de Mayo who supported the claim for the identity of the soldiers in Malvinas, died

At 94 years old, one of the greatest references of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Founding Line ceased to exist yesterday. He traveled to the Malvinas supporting the claim for the identity of soldiers buried in Darwin and accompanied the fight over reports of torture suffered in the war.

31 de May de 2024 13:16

Norita Cortiñas on her trip to the Malvinas Islands in 2017, accompanying the ex-combatants with Adolfo Perez Esquivel.

Nora Cortiñas , one of the leading figures of the Madres de Plaza de Mayo Línea Fundadora organization, died this Thursday at the age of 94 after spending several days hospitalized in an intensive care room at the Morón Hospital, where she had undergone an operation for a hernia that was complicated due to other pathologies he suffered from.

“Norita” was not only an emblem of the Mothers' fight against the last military dictatorship in Argentina, but also the one who was most committed to the fight for the identity of the soldiers buried without a name in the Darwin cemetery; and with the demand for judicial progress of the complaints of torture that the ex-combatants received from their superiors during the 1982 war.

In 1977, she began a path that led her to be one of the greatest leaders in the fight for human rights when she joined the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, following the kidnapping of her son Gustavo Cortiñas , which occurred on April 15 of that year. same year.

"His special sensitivity and his undisputed ideology in defense of those who have less earned him the unconditional respect and affection of the people," his relatives expressed in the press release they made public this Thursday.

" We want to convey to you that Nora was accompanied and supported by the love of her family until the last moment and we appreciate all the expressions of recognition and affection that she received throughout her life, and that they lovingly embraced us in these difficult days " said his family

According to the text released by her relatives after hearing the news, Cortiñas was "deeply concerned in these times about the serious situation that our country is going through and always willing to be present wherever there is injustice."

Until his last days, he campaigned not only for human rights, but also became involved in the fight for the decriminalization of abortion, the defense of culture, against the payment of foreign debt and the protection of indigenous peoples, among other causes.

The wake

His wake is being held this Friday, in a House of Memory and Life, located in the former Seré Mansion, located in Santa María de Oro and Blas Parera, in the Buenos Aires town of Castelar.

According to the Municipality of Morón, the district in which Cortiñas resided, the wake will be this Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.


By Agenda Malvinas


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