The Chilean Defense Commission met in Antarctica amid controversies with Argentina

Chilean deputies met yesterday in Antarctica in response to statements by Argentine President Javier Milei, who said that "building a military base in Ushuaia supports our claim to Antarctica."

24 de May de 2024 11:01

Chile seeks to know the progress in the area and give a clear “sign of sovereignty for the national territory.”

It was carried out at the “Presidente Eduardo Frei Montalva” Antarctic Air Base , and its objective was to analyze the geopolitical conditions. The Minister of National Defense, Maya Fernández Allende, and the Commander in Chief of the Chilean Air Force, Hugo Rodríguez González, were invited.

According to different parliamentarians, the objective was to meet again on the white continent. Deputy Francisco Undurraga, president of the commission , confirmed to the newspaper La Tercera that the initiative arose from a request from that body and that they seek not only to know the progress in the area, but also to give a clear “sign of sovereignty for the national territory.” ”.

As reported by the MercoPress news portal, legislators will analyze the “prevailing geopolitical conditions” in the region after the controversies that arose with our country following Javier Milei's announcement of the creation of a joint naval base between Argentina and the United States. in Ushuaia when the Chief of the Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), Laura Richardson, visited Argentina at the beginning of April, which generated a series of complaints from the trans-Andean country. Added to this are recent announcements about alleged Russian oil discoveries in an area disputed by Argentina, Chile and the United Kingdom.

In this context, Undurraga told CNN Chile that “we will put on the table that Antarctica is a white continent, but that Chile's sovereignty is present there. We are going to continue defending what we believe is fair, that it be a continent for peace and not for war, also that the treaty remains in force" and added that there are "crafty aspirations of other countries to participate with sovereignty in there, not corresponds.”  




CNN Chile

By Agenda Malvinas


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