The Legislature of Buenos Aires repudiated the restriction on fishing imposed by invaders in the Argentine maritime zone

They question the inaction of the national government regarding the expansion of British control over an additional area of 166 thousand square kilometers in the South Atlantic. In addition, a rejection by the Presidency of the construction of a port in the Malvinas is demanded.

26 de April de 2024 14:19

In turn, Pulti denounces that the construction of a mega port in the Malvinas is an illegitimate appropriation of Argentine territory in order to enhance the geopolitical influence of the United Kingdom over Antarctica.

The measure was promoted by the legislator of Unión Por la Patria, Gustavo Pulti, repudiating the new restriction on fishing and navigation of 166 thousand square kilometers on the Argentine Sea , arranged by the usurpers of the Malvinas Islands, but in this case to via Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Commissioner Alison Blake.

Furthermore, in the same approved statement, the parliamentarian and former mayor of Mar del Plata criticized the construction of a new Port in the Malvinas Islands, and questioned the national Government for not speaking out against the advances of Great Britain with different measures that affect Argentine sovereignty in the South Atlantic.

Pulti is president of the Maritime, Port and Fisheries Interests Commission of the Buenos Aires Chamber of Deputies, and achieved the sanction of a repudiation of the measures taken by the United Kingdom . He pointed out the “constitutional obligation to defend Argentine sovereignty” on the part of Javier Milei's administration , referring to the First Transitory Clause of the Argentine Constitution.

“We demand that the national government repudiate the determinations of a foreign government over our Islands and our sea, failing to comply with United Nations resolutions that indicate that Great Britain has to address the issue of sovereignty over the islands,” Pulti mentioned.

In turn, the Buenos Aires legislator maintained that “David Cameron (Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom), who went to the Malvinas to say that he was not going to discuss sovereignty 48 days ago, did not care about the 649 soldiers who died in the Malvinas War; "He did not care about the 1960 United Nations resolution, much less that of 1965, which indicates that Great Britain should sit down and talk about the sovereignty of the Malvinas Islands with the Argentine Nation." “We are used to that, but not to a President and a chancellor who do not demand our sovereignty,” Pulti highlighted.

On the other hand, what was sanctioned in the Legislature warns about Great Britain's plans to build a mega port in the Malvinas Islands , considering the usurpers' project as "a serious violation of the legitimate rights of Argentina over the Islands", which " "It seeks to strengthen the illegitimate appropriation of an Argentine territory, with the aim of projecting its geopolitical influence over Antarctica."

In this context, Gustavo Pulti pointed out that the intention is that "this declaration of repudiation reaches the President and the Foreign Ministry so that they comply with the Constitution and the resolutions of the United Nations."


By Agenda Malvinas


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