María de la Paz Labate and Facundo Silva will be the teachers at the Esperanza Antarctic Base in 2024

They were selected by the government of Tierra del Fuego to serve at School No. 38 under President Raúl Alfonsín.

5 de November de 2023 19:50

“We live this with great enthusiasm, pride and responsibility,” say María de la Paz and Facundo.

María de la Paz Labate (36) has a degree in psychopedagogy and a tertiary-level teacher, and together with her life partner Facundo Silva (39), a special education and physical education teacher, they were chosen along with Carmela , her two-year-old daughter. years and a half, as the family that will guide the destinies of the southernmost school in the world during the next year.

“We live this with a lot of enthusiasm, pride and responsibility. Because it is a task that involves us as professional teachers, but also as a family,” said Labate . With her husband they have between 15 and 17 years of experience in teaching on Earth. of fire.

“Facundo is from Fuegian. He attended kindergarten at the school that operates in Lago Escondido (a rural establishment located about 50 kilometers from the capital of Fuegian). In my case, I came to the province at the age of 8. We met in the Provincial Institute of Higher Education (Ipes) that operates in the city of Ushuaia ,” said the teacher.

The love story between the two is also particular: María de la Paz was Facundo's teacher, when he was in the first years of his teaching career. Later, when he was already an advanced student of his career, they met and fell in love .

“We thought about going to Antarctica during the pandemic.We made our first registration in 2021, when our daughter was five or six months old.

By Agenda Malvinas


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