Melella demanded from the Foreign Ministry “a clear gesture” to end the Foradori-Duncan Agreement

The governor of Tierra del Fuego rescued efforts and initiatives of President Fernández in favor of the claimed sovereignty over the Malvinas, but held the Foreign Ministry responsible for the validity of Macri's disastrous agreement with Great Britain.

9 de June de 2022 15:48

For the Fuegian governor, it is not the president who should take this initiative, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The governor of the province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands, Gustavo Melella , exempted President Alberto Fernández from the responsibility of continuity or repeal of the questioned Foradori-Duncan Agreement , signed in 2016 during the administration of Mauricio Macri, completely contrary to Argentine interests on the Malvinas Islands.

In dialogue with journalist José Quiroga , on FM Del Pueblo in the city of Río Grande, Melella considered that it is not the president who should take this initiative, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship of the Nation. Although it was Fernández who, in 2019, promised to repeal it in Rosario before taking office as president.

The Fuegian, on the other hand, distinguished that Alberto Fernández “has done a lot for sovereignty, he put it back on the table, he created the Malvinas Council, he promoted institutions that have to do with the Malvinas and Antarctica to function in our province.”

In that sense, Melella appreciated that “a way is being sought” to end the validity of the shameful understanding with Great Britain in 2016. But he claimed that, for this, “there must be a clear gesture from the Foreign Ministry to leave out the Foradori-Duncan Agreement.”

By Agenda Malvinas


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