Mendoza and San Juan fell back on their demalvinizing alignment imposed by FIFA

While the governor of Mendoza said that covering the Malvinas poster was an “involuntary error by FIFA”; The one from San Juan stated that he managed to reverse the measure taken by the international soccer entity, of not allowing entry to the World Cup stadium, with the Argentine shirt that claims the sovereign belonging of the islands.

27 de May de 2023 13:13

Rodolfo Suarez and Sergio Uñac; They were forced by the ex-combatants to reverse the scandalous attitude of FIFA that they endorsed.

Within 48 hours, the governors of Mendoza and San Juan, Rodolfo Suarez and Sergio Uñac ; respectively; they were forced to get involved in the scandalous events to which they were subjected; when the International Association of Football Federation, FIFA , decided to cover the Malvinas Argentinas World Cup Stadium in Mendoza, the image of the islands and on the other hand prohibit a former combatant from San Juan from entering the stadium of his province, with a shirt that claims sovereign belonging of the islands usurped by Great Britain.

Using his Twitter account, on Thursday the 25th in the afternoon; Rodolfo Suárez reported on the removal of the FIFA signage, stating: “FIFA's involuntary error was corrected. However, we highlight that both the plaques on the playing field and the entrance to the Malvinas Argentinas museum were never covered.”

The publication was accompanied by a video in which people are seen working on a FIFA billboard crane referring to the youth tournament.Three photos were added showing how the national symbols were once again visible.

For its part, the government of San Juan, through the Sports Secretariat, said it had interceded with FIFA so that fans could enter the Bicentennial stadium with images alluding to the Malvinas Islands.

San Juan's request to FIFA was generated from the controversial security decision that on Tuesday the 23rd prevented the former combatant, Héctor Naveda , from entering.

By Agenda Malvinas


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