Nation complied with the US claim and supervised the operation of the Chinese Space Station

Following orders from North America, Milei's management carried out technical visits to the two foreign space observation stations that exist in the country, one from the Chinese space agency and the other from Europe. No irregularities were reported.

24 de April de 2024 09:05

The United States had placed the operation of the Asian country's space base under suspicion, arguing that it has military objectives.

The national government carried out the planned visits to the Neuquén and Mendoza space stations , after US officials asked for certainty about the activities carried out specifically in the building administered by China , also denouncing the alleged presence of military personnel from the Asian country. .

In recent days , the tours were completed at the two space observation bases that exist in Argentina but are run by other countries. These are China's Deep Space Station in Bajo del Agrio, province of Neuquén, and Deep Space 3 in Malargüe, province of Mendoza, installed by the European Space Agency (ESA).

The visit, which cannot be classified as an “inspection ”, because this is established in the contract with the Republic of China, was led by the Chief of Staff of the Government of Javier Milei , at the request of North American officials and with specialists from the CONAE , an organization that has, in turn, has a percentage of time to use the facilities (10%) on a daily basis.

The Secretariat of Innovation, Science and Technology; the Secretariat of National Strategy; Foreign Ministry, the National Communications Agency and the National Commission for Space Activities participated in the meetings at the two bases.

According to the EFE information agency, the spokespersons for the Chief of Staff considered the hearing “positive” and on “good terms.” The media La Capital pointed out that those responsible for the area commented that “the visits were an opportunity to strengthen ties of cooperation with the teams of both space stations,” and added that “it was the initial kickoff to increase the Argentine presence in both stations.” and promote technological exchange." “They toured all the station facilities,” they explained, adding that “the operational status, security and compliance with the standards established for these infrastructures were surveyed.”

The visits were generated after President Javier Milei announced that an audit would be carried out on the use of the building and the antennas managed by China . Previously, in meetings with the head of the national Executive, US officials had denounced that there were Chinese soldiers working at the Station and that the Argentines were unaware of the activities carried out there.


By Agenda Malvinas


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