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They will replace the radar installed last year in Río Grande with one that reaches the Malvinas

It will replace the RPA-170M that Defense placed 8 months ago, which only reaches 315 km and is not useful for monitoring the movement of aircraft entering and leaving Malvinas, which is located 512 km from the Big Island.

7 de February de 2023 17:29

The current RPA-170M that only has a range radius of 315 km and does not reach the Malvinas, 520 km from Río Grande.

In an interview conducted this Monday the 6th by Radio Nacional Río Grande, the Minister of Defense of the Nation , Jorge Taiana ; He announced that the INVAP (Institute of Applied Research, State Society) is advancing in the construction of a new radar, which in the coming months will be installed in Río Grande to replace the portable one that was placed last May on the summit. of Cabo Domingo, which will allow greater and better control over all Argentine airspace in the South Atlantic.

By Agenda Malvinas


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