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The official whose son appears as a manager in the English radar company resigns

This is the former president of the Energy Directorate and now former undersecretary of Public Works of Tierra del Fuego.

4 de September de 2023 07:22

Juan Mancini, former president of Energy and former undersecretary of Public Works of TDF.

The former president of the Provincial Directorate of Energy (DPE) and until a few days ago Undersecretary of Public Works of Tierra del Fuego, resigned from his position after having become entangled with his son, in the international scandal caused by the installation of a British radar in Tolhuin.

This is the engineer Juan Alberto Mancini Loiacono , professor at the UTN Río Grande Regional Faculty , at the Olga B.de Arko technical school in Ushuaia, a former officer of the Argentine Navy , an expert in communication, radars and missiles , who was trained by that Force with public funds during the 1970s; and that, with the government of Néstor Kirchner and then those of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, he was active in La Cámpora de Tierra del Fuego .

For more than a decade he was a very close man, at times bodyguard and even an official for the mayor of Ushuaia Walter Vuoto. Then he deserted the Kirchnerist group and appeared in FORJA. From there he joined the cabinet of Governor Gustavo Melella as president of the Provincial Energy Directorate and a man of close confidence of the Minister of Public Works Gabriela Castillo .

The information was published this Friday, September 1, by the Boca de Pozo website and is registered in the Official Gazette of Tierra del Fuego, through Decree No. 2013/2023 dated August 30 , which states that Governor Gustavo Melella , accepted his resignation as of July 1, 2023 , the date on which the scandal gained national attention.

In the midst of administrative disorders, unclear expenses, intimations from the Court of Auditors , lack of capacity and lack of temperance to relate to workers and unions in the sector, on May 12, 2022 , Juan Alberto Mancini Loiacono was removed from the position he held. in the DPE , to be replaced by Pedro Villarreal, a leader of the Austral Light and Power Union of Ushuaia . But a week later he reappeared at the head of the Undersecretariat of Architecture and Engineering, dependent on the Secretariat of Integrative Habitat Projects, of the Ministry of Public Works and Services .

Before leaving, 37 days prior to ceasing to be President of Energy , more specifically on April 5, 2022 ; Mancini opened File 107/2022 , of electrical feasibility for “a monitoring center” at Estancia El Relincho at kilometer 2945.9 of National Route No. 3 .

The reference “monitoring center” is nothing other than what was made official on March 13 of this year by the CEO of LeoLabs Dan Ceperley and celebrated by the Argentine ambassador in Washington Jorge Argüello and the American ambassador in Buenos Aires Mark Stanley : an S-Band Earth Station ; but without mentioning the dual capacity of the radar . Because in addition to detecting space junk, - as the company advertised and the ambassadors applauded - it also has the capacity to monitor military land and space targets. The latter issue was warned, denounced and categorically rejected by the Ministry of Defense of the Nation , "for violating national security and being incompatible with the National Defense Policy Directive." An issue that became more than clear when Minister Jorge Taiana elevated the Chief of Cabinet of Ministers to , a lapidary report demanding the cancellation of the authorization granted; drafted jointly by Defense , with the National Commission for Space Activities (CONAE), the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces , the National Directorate of Defense Material Comptroller and the National Directorate of Military Strategic Intelligence.

One year after the opening of DPE File 107/2022 - on April 25, 2023 -; The General Inspection of Justice of Tierra del Fuego, AeIAS registered for the second time a subsidiary of LeoLabs in the southern province.Subsidiary of the foreign companies LEOLABS SPACE HONDINGS LIMITED with headquarters in Dublin, Ireland and LEOLABS LIMITED with headquarters in London, United Kingdom ; this time under the name of LEOLABS ARGENTINA SRL . Date on which it was officially registered, which throughthe Minutes of the Partners Meeting dated 01/12/2022 , were appointed -“ setting the number of managers at 5”- ; to Pablo Renán Bilbao , (advisor and son-in-law of deputy Mabel Caparrós) , to Daniel Peter Ceperley , (CEO of LeoLabs Inc.); to Judith Treanor , (Financial Director and head of operations of the same company); María Victoria Cerone , (partner from Bilbao and also advisor to deputy Mabel Caparrós) , and in fifth managerial place, Diego Alberto Mancini Loiacono ; son of the former president of the Provincial Directorate of Energy and now also former undersecretary of Public Works of Tierra del Fuego, Juan Alberto Mancini Loiacono ; a man whom the Government also used as a link with the Ushuaia Naval Base , due to his military past as a retired officer of the Argentine Navy .

Never see or know anything

Last week, when several cabinet officials of the Tierra del Fuego government were asked, who is the head of the General Inspection of Justice? , no one wanted to respond. The truth is that just by googling the entire list of officials and employees of the department appears, whose head is none other than José Díaz Reviglio .

The General Inspection of Justice of Tierra del Fuego intervened on two occasions . The first, on February 22, 2022 , when it registered LEOLABS SPACE HONDINGS LIMITED with headquarters at 2250 De Los Ñires street in the city of Ushuaia ; and where it appears that on November 29, 2021 , the LeoLabs directory of California, USA; appointed Pablo Renán Bilbao as legal representative of the subsidiary of the same name domiciled in Dublin Ireland.

The second time, on April 25, 2023 when it registered LEOLABS ARGENTINA SRL, and the general payroll of the five managers: BILBAO, CEPERLEY, TREANOR, CERONE and MANCINI LOIACONO.

The most denialist, blind, deaf or distracted, is the National Deputy of the Frente de Todos Mabel Caparrós , who rejects with zero credibility; have some type of interference, having listened, known and possessed knowledge that his son-in-law had obtained first, being the legal representative of the company and a year later manager . Nor, that his other advisor, María Victoria Cerone ; He had also landed a manager position on par with Bilbao .

Who, furthermore; They have never come out to give any logical, reasonable and credible explanation, they have been Juan and Diego Mancini Loiacono (father and son respectively); about how “Dieguito” came to occupy such a managerial position after walking through the streets of Ushuaia making deliveries in his car, after being fired from Aerolíneas Argentinas for harassing his colleagues.

A loose electrical connection of papers

File 107/2022 , of the Provincial Energy Directorate , called;EL RELINCHO PROGRESIVA PROPERTY ELECTRICAL FEASIBILITY 294659 – RN 3 LOCATION: TOLHUIN – TDF FOR A MONITORING CENTER , which was opened by engineer Juan Mancini on April 5, 2022 ; There was no movement until March 16 of this year, 2023 , with Pedro Villarreal having already been president for 10 months. That is, three days after the international announcement of the installation of the LeoLabs radar in Tolhuin.

Then, on May 12 , there was an intervention with the signature of two well-known Energy officials ; and only now in an attempt to make the actions of the DPE more or less credible; administrative movements dated August 3 and 4 , which bear the signature of directors and members of the organization's leadership.

Even so, in the File there are no records of the energy consumption that was demanded , first of the work; and after the commissioning of the radar whose activation in test mode is prior to the announcement of March 13. Nor after that date. The electrical lines that enter the Estancia El Relincho , come down from the aerial wiring and dive underground, without passing through the pillar that contains a consumption meter that, in ornament mode, has not moved from zero point.  

In a sea of questions and no clarifying action by the Government of Tierra del Fuego to determine the areas and officials who have had demonstrated intervention and responsibility in the establishment of the Irish-British subsidiary in Argentina since February 22, 2022 in forward; The radar continues to remain connected to the electrical grid and broadband internet. And even if the knob is low, OFF ; The Ministry of Defense itself assures that, even so, it was turned off; can continue to monitor and transmit vitally important information that compromises the sovereignty and security of the entire Nation.

By Agenda Malvinas


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