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A new monument to Argentine sovereignty of the Malvinas was inaugurated in Ushuaia

It materializes the raising of the national flag in Puerto Argentino, on April 2, 1982, after the landing on the islands; carried out by the current War Veterans, Raúl Acevedo, Jacobo Godoy and Luis Ramírez.

5 de April de 2023 13:26

It is located behind the Government House, in Ushuaia; on Maipú Avenue.

Within the framework of the Day of the Veteran and of those who fell in the Malvinas War, the inauguration of the Monument to Sovereignty was held in the city of Ushuaia in commemoration of the raising of the national flag in Puerto Argentino by soldiers Raúl Acevedo, Jacobo Godoy and Luis Ramírez during the landing on April 2, 1982.

The monument materializes a photograph of the time when the Argentine flag was raised in Malvinas lands.

The event was led by the governor of the province of Tierra del Fuego AIAS, Gustavo Melella , the vice-governor of the province, Mónica Urquiza , the Minister of Culture of the Nation, Tristán Bauer , the president of the Ushuaia Ex-Combatants Center, Conrado Zamora ; the president of the Superior Court of Justice, Carlos Sagastume ; ministers and secretaries of State of the provincial Executive; heads of the Armed Forces and National Security, members of the Human Rights Commission of the National Justice, provincial legislators, provincial and municipal officials, former combatants and war veterans, residents of Ushuaia.

During the event, Melella highlighted the work carried out in the educational field by the veterans and highlighted the feeling that the boys and girls have for them. In that sense he noted: “today the veterans are reaping the fruits they sowed, Luis (Ramírez) was one of those who went school by school with great affection and I can attest to that.”

In that context, he asked himself “what differentiates us from the rest of the country” and added: “Luis was moved by passion, not just the order, because he could not have done it, because perhaps the context was not the right one, but There was passion and that was when our Argentine flag was very high in the Malvinas.”

Likewise, he expressed that "we do not celebrate war, we celebrate peace and we celebrate our heroes who, not from a desk, but from the battlefield, gave their lives."“Argentina continues to reaffirm its right over the Malvinas, over the South Atlantic and continues to claim it thanks to them,” he stated.

On the other hand, the head of Malvinas, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands and International Affairs, Andrés Dachary , said that “it is one of the most difficult times in which I have had to speak because of the emotionality and what it represents” and referred to to the words of the Governor in the speech for the anniversary of the Malvinas Deed in Ushuaia that pointed out “the importance of continuing to work on the Malvinas issue with different international and internal support.”

“Here we are not honoring a war, here we are commemorating the stories of men and women who for 74 days were willing to make their maximum sacrifice for the Homeland, and this is what we want to highlight,” Dachary stressed in response to an opinion note. published in a renowned national media a few days ago, which maintained that commemorating this date was legitimizing the war and proposed its elimination from the national calendar.

Finally, he stressed that “this photo, this image, is a moment of those 74 days and is a recognition of Raúl, Jacobo and Luis, but also of his 23 thousand brothers and sisters in arms, it is a recognition of the 649 who did not "They returned, to the 323 victims of a war crime such as the Gral.Belgrano Cruise, to their families, to all those who, from different parts of the country, wanted to catch a radio to find out what was happening."

Likewise, one of the protagonists of the lifting, the veteran Luis Ramírez , spoke, who expressed "gratitude for the people of Fuegian and the Argentine people", while recounting the action carried out on April 2, 1982 as a result of an order issued by his boss to raise the flag in the territory.

“The main column of people who were involved in the disembarkation were 400 meters from the Governor's house,” he recalled and added: “we had disembarked from the vehicles and we had our backs against the wall of a building that was in front of the Catholic Church. And that's when I noticed that there was a mast that was waiting for me.”

Along these lines, he continued: “today we will be able to see in material form, the product of a photo that someone took, that photo came to me some time later. I kept that photo for many years,” he said and noted that “140 photos were mysteriously lost. on April 2, it was never known where they ended up, however, I had a copy.”

Finally, the former combatant stressed that “in Tierra del Fuego, in Ushuaia, capital of the Malvinas, that photo is represented that all Argentines should know and know what it represents for all of us. Therefore, all that remains is to say many, many thanks , on behalf of myself and the entire Argentine people.”



By Agenda Malvinas


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