The film “The Journey” is screened in Ushuaia: the visit of ex-combatants and human rights entities to the Malvinas

Within the framework of the commemoration of 40 years of uninterrupted democracy and 41 years since the culmination of the Malvinas war, on Wednesday, April 19 at 3:30 p.m., it will be screened for the first time in Tierra del Fuego and in the Niní Marshall Room of the Casa of the Culture of Ushuaia, the film “The Journey” by the Provincial Commission for Memory (CPM) of the province of Buenos Aires.

14 de April de 2023 11:09

Record the visit to the Malvinas Islands, March 2017

In collaboration with the Unified Union of Fuegian Education, SUTEF ; The screening will be attended by Marina Vega , Provincial Director of Programs for Socio-Community Development in Human Rights of the Province of Buenos Aires; Rodolfo Carrizo, president of the Malvinas Islands Ex-Combatants Center (CECIM) La Plata; Hugo Robert , Vice President of CECIM La Plata; Jerónimo Guerrero Iraola , Lawyer at CECIM La Plata; Ernesto Alonso , Secretary of Human Rights of CECIM La Plata and Treasurer of the CPM; Miguel Anderfuhrn , Secretary of Tribute of CECIM La Plata;   Fabián Aguado , Secretary of Sports of CECIM La Plata; Antonio Marcilese , Secretary of Union Affairs of CECIM La Plata; Sergio Isaia , Reviewer of CECIM La Plata; Martin Raninqueo , member of CECIM La Plata; and Jorge Dipietro , President of the Malvinas Islands Veteran Ex-Combatant Center of Berisso-Ensenada; David Zambrino , former Malvinas de Chaco combatant; Roberto Cipriano García (Sec.

By Agenda Malvinas


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