Without consulting Tierra del Fuego, the Nation wants to create a National Park in the Malvinas

The arrogance and unitarism of the central government has no end, not only because Macri's decree that illegally created the State Islands Wild Nature Reserve has not yet been repealed, but because it now wants to create a National Park in the Malvinas Islands, passing over the legal and constitutional rights, and the authorities of Tierra del Fuego.

25 de September de 2023 07:47

"Once again we are witnesses of a subjugation of our province by national authorities," accused the Secretary of Malvinas de Tierra del Fuego.

Camouflaged in a contest held by the Malvinas National Museum for visitors to choose “an emblem for a symbolic national park in the Malvinas Islands”; the Minister of the Environment Juan Cabandié , the Vice Director of the National Administration of National Parks Jauri and the director of the Museum Edgardo Esteban , announced “the joint work to advance a bill to create the first national park on the islands.”

This Sunday at noon, with the news not well known through the portal www.argentina.gob.ar , Agenda Malvinas asked both the governor of Tierra del Fuego Gustavo Melella and the Secretary of Malvinas, Antarctica, South Atlantic Islands and International Affairs Andrés Dachary , if you were informed of this initiative; and in both cases the answer was absolutely negative.

In the tone of a bucolic Sunday news, the official website of the Nation says first that “in the framework of “The Night of the Museums”, the Ministers of Environment and Sustainable Development, Juan Cabandié, and the Minister of Culture, Tristán Bauer, the vice president of the National Parks Administration (APN), Natalia Jauri, and the director of the Malvinas and South Atlantic Islands Museum, Edgardo Esteban, participated in an activity organized jointly between the museum and the APN where guided tours on geography were offered , flora and fauna of the Malvinas, at the same time that the emblem for a symbolic national park was voted on.”   Secondly, he explains that “the winning emblem emerged from a vote of the more than 7,000 people who visited the museum, who selected between three designs with native flora and fauna that inhabit what would symbolically be a protected area on the islands. The one most chosen by the public was the one that contained the Malvinero fox with a Magellan murtilla, on a landscape of mountains and steppe”; and finally that The Ministry of the Environment, National Parks and the Museum are working “to advance a bill to create the first national park on the islands” that they promise to send to the National Congress.

"Why not a bill?"Let the National Congress decide to choose a national park," Cabandié idealized 3000 kilometers away from Tierra del Fuego, without having spoken or consulted any authority of the southern province, regarding the creation of a National Park within a territory, which, although usurped by Great Britain for 190 years, is still Fuegian, and therefore in no way can the official or any other official decide what to do or undo.

Beyond the symbolic and momentarily inapplicable idea/project of Esteban, Cabandié and Jauri ; The permanent search for different angles to control and manage from Buenos Aires to the Malvinas Islands and the South Atlantic does not stop. In 2017 , the National University of La Plata proposed as an academic proposal the split of Tierra del Fuego from the separation of the Malvina Islands archipelago and with it creating a new province. One year later, in 2018 and in the same sense; the Argentine lawyer and professor of international law at the University Institute of Higher International Studies in Geneva, Marcelo Gustavo Kohen ; preferential advisor or ear warmer to the Secretary of the Malvinas of the Foreign Ministry Guillermo Carmona and the National Council of Affairs Relating to the Malvinas, South Georgia, and South Sandwich Islands ; It also led to the dismemberment of the Malvinas Islands from Tierra del Fuego Antarctica. Creating a new province as a negotiation offer to the British so that the settled population, the Kelpers; Through a referendum they decide whether they want to continue being English or Argentine, as a previous step to granting them the free will of self-determination.

The thing goes beyond the Malvinas. Because in August 2016 , a few months after assuming the presidency, Mauricio Macri announced the decision to transform by decree the Islands of the States, into a Wild Nature Reserve , giving it the power as an organization of application, to the National Administration of National Parks .

Former governor Rosana Bertone , who had jumped from furious Kirchnerism to total submission to Macriism, remained silent, looked the other way and said nothing about the violation of the jurisdictional rights of Macri's decree. He also did not inform the Legislature.

By Agenda Malvinas


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