They request an “urgent report” from the Nation why MALVINAS is no longer on the Foreign Ministry website

The request was made by the Senator for Tierra del Fuego Pablo Blanco after the publication of Agenda Malvinas. He asked to know why “The Question of the Malvinas Islands” is no longer available in the “Foreign Policy” tab as it was before.

21 de May de 2024 10:06

If the project is approved, the response will have to be given by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Diana Mondino.

Through a COMMUNICATION PROJECT , the National Senator for Tierra del Fuego Pablo Daniel Blanco (JxC), submitted to the venue a request for the Executive Branch to report “urgently (…) what is the reason why on the official website of the Argentine Foreign Ministry - In the “FREIGN POLICY” tab, the topic “THE QUESTION OF THE Malvina ISLANDS” is no longer available as it was before.

The disappearance of “THE MALVINAS QUESTION” from the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship of Argentina was detected and reported yesterday, Sunday, by Agenda Malvinas . Meanwhile, during the course of this Monday the 20th, there was no official explanation that would allow us to know the reason for such a significant absence.

Blanco asks to know “ if the elimination of this tab is due to directives from the Chancellor, was it an error or a temporary removal to make improvements to the content”; and that indicate “when the aforementioned section will be restored to the website.”

“Although it may seem like a “minor” issue, it is vitally important to have this section on the website that has been present for many years. Both its material, its documents and its content, as well as the publication of all the news regarding the Malvinas issue, are of vital importance for Argentines.

In that section, all the resolutions that the United Nations General Assembly took on the subject and the Argentine initiatives underway to sustain our unwavering sovereignty were published and made known.

The Foreign Policy section was now limited to a few simple paragraphs on international security.

In its few months, the government has already had several events that add to this, which give the impression that the issue of the Malvinas Islands is not important or relevant to it ," the parliamentarian says in his foundations.


By Agenda Malvinas


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