Three accused of torturing their own soldiers participated in the July 9 parade

Federal Prosecutor Marcelo Rapoport charged these three soldiers in May 2018 as part of a criminal case that is still open before the Supreme Court. This Tuesday they were part of the infamous Independence parade organized by the national administration of Javier Milei.

10 de July de 2024 15:30

The opinion of the Federal prosecutor details the torments inflicted by the accused on several soldiers during the 1982 war.

The July 9 military parade in Argentina featured three individuals accused of torturing soldiers during the 1982 Malvinas War. Identified as Emilio José Samyn Ducó, Francisco Eduardo Gassino and Jorge Taranto , they were identified by former combatants as responsible for crimes against humanity .

Ernesto Alonso, Secretary of Human Rights of the Center for Ex-Combatants (CECIM), was the one who revealed the situation through social networks.

In 2022, acting Attorney General Eduardo Casal recommended revoking a ruling that considered that the torture of soldiers in the Malvinas was not crimes against humanity and was statute-barred .

The case also includes other cases related to torture, sexual abuse and illegal activities committed against soldiers after the war. The victims have recounted different traumatic situations experienced under military command, from roadblocks to physical attacks and gunshots .

That same year, prosecutor Rapoport added another 22 cases of torture and two of sexual abuse committed against soldiers of the Mechanized Infantry Regiment (RIMec) Number Three. It included sexual crimes, acts of anti-Semitism and illegal intelligence on former combatants once the war ended.

Despite the favorable ruling to continue with this investigation by the Public Ministry, a final ruling is still awaited by the Supreme Court.



By Agenda Malvinas


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