A tycoon bought land in Mendoza to build a fortress to protect himself from a nuclear threat

It was announced by the Center of Former Combatants of the Malvinas Islands (CECIM) of La Plata to illustrate the objective of the presidential administration to endorse the foreignization of national territories. It occurs within the framework of the judicial actions of war veterans against Javier Milei's decree that seeks to cancel the Land Law.

3 de June de 2024 12:42

Days after Milei's DNU to repeal the Land Law, a magnate landed in Malargüe and bought 40 kilometers by 60 kilometers to develop a private "town."

The lawyer of the Center of Former Combatants of the Malvinas Islands (CECIM) of La Plata, Jerónimo Guerrero Iraola , recounted the case of “a tycoon ” who acquired large tracts of land south of Mendoza in order to build a fortress to stay alive. in the face of the imminent possibility of a nuclear attack .

Although he did not give the name of the businessman in question, Guerrero Iraola provided quite precise data: “Real anecdote, December 21, Milei DNU of repeal of the land law. A few days later, with the entry into force, a magnate landed in Mendoza, Malargüe, and bought 40 kilometers by 60 kilometers to develop a kind of “fortress town” for himself and four more families.”

The lawyer's statements occurred during an interview on Real Politik radio. “How much did you pay for it? A million and a half dollars and do you know why he bought it? The guy grabs and says - I know this because I have a friend who was linked to that operation - food security, water security and nuclear security," said the lawyer who managed to stop, for the moment, in Justice, the Presidential decree that repealed the Land Law.

Finally, he explained that "the UN and different international agencies have been saying that from Mendoza to Ushuaia, close to the mountain range, is the safest area for the next 20, 30 or 40 years."

According to CECIM's interpretation, the repeal of the Land Law would pave the way for the foreignization of national territories , which is why they filed a judicial action to stop the Milei Decree.

They challenged the repeal of the rule through a collective protection , and now only the Supreme Court of Justice could reverse the ruling that stopped Milei's measure. The country's highest judicial body did not issue a ruling on the matter .


By Agenda Malvinas


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