87 boats started the squid fishing season in the Malvinas

With an illegal license from the British colony that usurps the islands from Argentina, 87 vessels from Spain, Korea and Taiwan began fishing for squid.

10 de February de 2024 12:34

Puerto Argentino, crowded with fishing vessels ready to fish for illex shrimp.

With “reasonable catches” in the first 10 days of activity, on February 1, squid fishing began in waters surrounding the Malvinas Islands, but not with Argentine authorization, but with an illegal license from the British colony that usurps them.

The director of Natural Resources of the usurpation government, Andrea Clausen ; reported that unlike the disastrous second season of 2023; The first season of 2024 has a “reasonably good catch level.”

According to the information published yesterday by Mercopress , some 88 jiggers showed up to request licenses, of which -as stated-; 87 have already begun the work of the precious cephalopod.

With 53,500 tons extracted, the first season of 2023 maintained the average of previous years.

By Agenda Malvinas


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