Cecilia Moreau spoke about a business plan linked to Tierra del Fuego behind the Bases Law

During the vote in Deputies, Cecilia Moreau maintained that the Bases Law "is a business plan" linked to Tierra del Fuego. According to him, the beneficiaries are Mirgor, technology firms from Taiwan and China. He also targeted Pan American Energy in the hydrocarbons sector, the Techint, Galperín and Tomás group (from Mercado Libre), and the Massalin and Sarandí tobacco companies.

3 de May de 2024 10:39

Union for the Fatherland Deputy, Cecilia Moreau

The deputy of Unión por la Patria, Cecilia Moreau , mentioned Tierra del Fuego in a paragraph of her speech against the half-sanction of the Bases Law , promoted by the Government of Javier Milei in the Lower House.

In a critical speech to the ruling party, the national parliamentarian linked the private sector of the southernmost region of the country with political lobbies for the approval of the controversial legislative package.

In turn, he accused companies and businessmen , by name and surname, of having economic interests in the sanction of the measures promoted by the Milei administration, highlighting, for example, the Mirgor group, owned by the family of the current Minister of Economy, Luís Caputo. .

For her part, deputy Cecilia Moreau even spoke of the existence of a Taiwanese firm with the intention of beginning to provide fiber optics alongside China on the island , and of pressure from oil companies that would benefit from the Bases Law.

“This law, in tandem with DNU 70, in addition to being an attempt at covert constitutional reform, is a business plan,” said Moreau. “Let's say things as they are, Mirgor active taking care of his businesses in Tierra del Fuego, Massalini, Sarandí (tobacco companies) openly trying to break the blocks for their businesses, Taiwan pushing the RIGI (Large Investment Incentive Regime) and money laundering to enter to compete in Tierra del Fuego with a cable mass with China. Pan American Energy and Techin operating the hydrocarbon law to be able to screw exporters like Galuccio and Exxon, Galperín and Tomás operating the freezing of personal assets to bring silver from Uruguay, without also being affected by the incentive regime of the economy of the knowledge,” denounced the opposition deputy.

“This Bases law plus the fiscal package and DNU 70/2023 are a business plan because the 120,000 richest people in Argentina win,” Moreau stated.


By Agenda Malvinas


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