With a massive event, Zapala inaugurated the largest Monument to the Malvinas Soldier in the country

The event was accompanied by war veterans and family members who traveled from all over the country, and by some 8,000 people who gathered in the city of Neuquén. An emotional tribute to those who fell in the war against Great Britain in 1982, for the sovereignty of the southern islands.

10 de June de 2024 16:35

. The Soldier's Monument now stands as a beacon of memory, teaching and gratitude, ensuring that the sacrifice and bravery of our soldiers are never forgotten.

On a day marked by emotion and tribute, Zapala inaugurated the Monument to the Soldier of Malvinas. The ceremony, which was attended by a crowd of citizens from the town, Neuquén and the country, became an emotional tribute to the War Veterans and those who fell in the 1982 conflict.

From the early hours of the morning of this Sunday the 9th, and despite the cold and wind, more than eight thousand people gathered at the intersection of Dr. Posse and Acceso Fortabat streets. The presentation of local artists began the event, transmitting values and feelings through their performances.

The ceremony began with the placement of an image of the Virgin of Luján, carried by the veterans, to the respect and applause of those present. This image was placed near the monument within its sentry box, a symbol of protection and faith.

Then would come the emotional intonation of the Argentine National Anthem, the Neuquén anthem and the Malvinas March, masterfully performed by the Army band. A minute of silence was observed in memory of those who fell on the islands, a moment of deep respect to honor and remember veterans from Neuquén, Buenos Aires, Chaco, Mendoza, Río Negro, Chubut, Córdoba, San Luis, Tierra del Fuego, Formosa, Corrientes, Jujuy, La Pampa, Misiones, San Juan, Santa Fe and Tucumán.

The ribbon cutting and unveiling of the plaque marked the highlight of the inauguration. The 17 meter high and 160 ton monument has a neutral face, it was designed by the sculptor Aldo Beroiza, and in it each person can reunite with that man or woman who left for the Malvinas Islands. The soldier's posture represents respect and solidarity, embodying the values of honor, patriotism and sacrifice.

Provincial and local authorities and institutional leaders participated in the event. The attendance of war veterans and relatives of those who died in the Malvinas from different parts of the country added a note of solemnity and reverence to the event.

At the time of the words, the communal chief Carlos Koopmann , visibly moved, expressed: “For me today is a day of immense pride and deep emotion for the city. It is a masterful work, the largest monument to the Soldier in the country. Zapala opens his arms to warmly welcome the veterans from all over the country who join us today.” There, he mentioned the soldiers from Neuquén who died defending the Islands. “Malvinas is a cause that unites all Argentines and a symbol of love for our land. The Soldier's Monument is a profound gesture of gratitude and respect for those who sacrificed for our Nation”; said.

He added that “this represents a symbol for future generations, teaching in schools the importance of historical memory and love for the country. Everyone must know and understand what Malvinas meant for our Nation. With deep pain, even today, we recognize that there is an extensive list of debts that must be addressed as the Argentine people. It is essential to improve the quality of life of veterans, families and relatives of the fallen.”

“When looking at this monument let us always remember that the Islands were, are and will be Argentine. May this place be a place of reflection to learn about bravery and sacrifice,” Koopmann concluded excitedly.

In turn, Governor Rolando Figueroa highlighted the importance of the monument: “I applaud the effort and vision of the Mayor to be able to plant in the hearts of the people of Neuquén this figure that will surely make us Malvinian day by day. “Malvinas strongly carved our hearts.”

The sculptor Aldo Beroiza and Jorge Esteban Bustos, President of the Civil Association of War Veterans of Malvinas, Neuquén Central Zone, also dedicated a few words.

The event culminated with the discovery of the plaque on the wall of heroes, where future plaques can be placed in honor of the veterans and fallen and then give way to the civic-military parade, where 649 keys were also delivered, one for each soldier who lost life on the Islands. The monument was declared of provincial legislative interest, underlining its importance as a symbol of memory and tribute.

The day left a deep mark on everyone present, reminding us that the Malvinas Islands were, are and will be Argentine. The Soldier's Monument now stands as a beacon of memory, teaching and gratitude, ensuring that the sacrifice and bravery of our soldiers are never forgotten.


By Agenda Malvinas


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