The MALVINAS QUESTION tab disappeared from the Argentine Foreign Ministry website

It is consistent with the demalvinization of Javier Milei who declares himself an admirer of Margaret Thatcher, who justifies Cameron's visit to the Malvinas and who requests to be a “global partner” of NATO.

19 de May de 2024 15:40

The link is broken. When you enter the FOREIGN POLICY tab, there is no link that allows access to the MALVINAS QUESTION tab.

Without any announcement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship , about any change or reconstruction; The tab dedicated exclusively to the MALVINAS QUESTION has disappeared from the website of that portfolio.

In the FOREIGN POLICY tab, you can only find a link for INTERNAL SECURITY , which talks about “risks motivated by events (…), such as terrorism, drug trafficking, cybercrime, human trafficking or proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.”


Only when you Google , in search of specific information: Argentine Foreign Ministry + Malvinas Question ; You can enter a brief writing of five paragraphs. The same as the BACKGROUND: Argentine Foreign Ministry + Foreign Policy + Malvinas Question + Background.


Anyway, the link is broken . It is worth saying that when you enter the FOREIGN POLICY tab, there is no denominational link that allows us access to all the diplomatic information that was opportunely found in the MALVINAS QUESTION tab.

The disappearance without warning of one of the central axes of the Argentine Foreign Ministry is consistent with the provocative demalvinization at all costs carried out by the government of Javier Milei and through Chancellor Diana Mondino ; through a president who declares himself an admirer of Margaret Thatcher , who justifies and approves the presence of the British Foreign Secretary, David Cameron ; in the Malvinas Islands and that requests to be a “global partner” of NATO , since this Atlantic Alliance has a military base on the Argentine islands usurped by the United Kingdom.



By Agenda Malvinas


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