Judge Rosatti stated that “you cannot say just anything about the Malvinas”

“I only remember what the Constitution says,” said the president of the Court during an event in the National Congress organized by Noticias Magazine.

14 de November de 2023 07:40

He stated this in a dissertation for 40 years of democracy.

The president of the Supreme Court of Justice, Horacio Rosatti , stated this Monday that “not anything can be said about the Malvinas” and predicted: “we are going to recover them.”

In a speech at the Congress for the 40 years of democracy organized by Noticias Magazine, Rosatti recalled that the Malvinas Islands “cannot be rented, they cannot be sold.”

“We said it in the Constitution.(…) The '94 reform was the last act of political greatness that involved all Argentine political actors . We had enormous differences in thought, but one objective: national unity, which was in the preamble," said the president of the highest court.

The expressions were interpreted in the context of the political debate ahead of next Sunday's runoff, despite which Rosatti expressed: " I don't want any special title for the media tomorrow . I only remember what the Constitution says."

"We know that many things divide us, but there are others, the most important, those that unite us . Not just anything can be said about the Malvinas.We voted for it.

By Agenda Malvinas


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