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In the middle of the squid poaching season, the new ocean patrol vessels rest in Mar del Plata

With the Chinese at mile 201 and the Galicians in the Malvinas plundering our squid in full, the ships purchased at a premium from France to supposedly control the predators, remain moored in the port of Mar del Plata by the exclusive decision of the Ministry of Defense.

1 de September de 2022 20:02

Photo taken this Sunday, August 21, at the Mar del Plata naval base.

The four ocean patrol vessels ( OPV ) purchased from a private French shipyard at an exorbitant price, to supposedly control the Chinese vessels that prey on our squid at the edge and often within mile 200, remain moored at the Mar del Plata Naval base since months ago, as Agenda Malvinas was able to confirm.

After the publication, on July 28, of photographs showing the four French ships side by side motionless at that Mar del Plata Navy base, the news to be transmitted almost a month later is that the OPVs continue in the same place, without providing service or operating to meet the objectives for which they were paid, we insist, at a suspiciously high price.

As documentation, today in Agenda Malvinas we share a new photograph taken this time on Sunday, August 21, which confirms the presence of the ships in the same place.

Coincidentally, at this very moment the second squid season is taking place in the South Atlantic .

By Agenda Malvinas


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