Ex-combatants from all over the country crossed Milei for his de-malvinization proposals

"Those of us who were the kids of Malvinas, those of us who still fight, are not going to give up what was watered with the blood of our companions," said the National Confederation that represents the veterans' entities of the 22 provinces.

14 de September de 2023 19:45

The La Libertad Avanza candidate returned to his idea that “Argentina lost the war.”

In the last hours, coming out to support his possible future chancellor Diana Mondino , the national deputy and presidential candidate for La Libertad Avanza, Javier Milei , considered that for Argentina to recover the Malvinas Islands there must be "an agreement with England" and that To reach that understanding "the position of the people who live" in the archipelago that Great Britain has usurped since 1833 cannot be ignored .

"The Malvinas Islands are Argentine. Sovereignty is not renounced. It is true that there was a war in which we lost. Now we are proposing a solution so that the islands return to Argentina and reach an agreement with England as China did with Hong Kong " Milei said in statements to Radio Continental.

In this sense, he stated that "for the Malvinas Islands to be Argentine again there must be an agreement with England, but the position of the people who live on the islands cannot be ignored."

This week, Milei's economist and advisor on international affairs, Diana Mondino , had stated in an interview with the English newspaper The Telegraph that the inhabitants of the Malvinas must be able to "decide their own destiny."

"Many years may pass, but no decision can be imposed on other people. Neither on Argentines nor on anyone. Decisions can no longer be imposed, that has to end," Mondino had pointed out.

"Many years may pass, but no decision can be imposed on other people, neither on the Argentinians nor on anyone else.Decisions can no longer be imposed, that has to end," the advisor also said.

The response of the National Confederation

The Confederation of Malvinas Combatants of the Argentine Republic asked "to be attentive because we are on time" in the face of "the attempts to hand over" the South Atlantic Islands to British interests and recalled that these territories are part of the country "even if they are occupied." by the English"

The Confederation came out to remind in a statement that "the Malvinas Islands are Argentine, even though they are occupied by the English" and stated that "representing 22 provinces we once again go out to ask our society to be attentive because we are on time."

In the text, they added that "in these turbulent days for our people, a political sector that does not hide its admiration for Margaret Thatcher (former British Prime Minister at the time of the 1982 war) speaks of respecting the rights of the islanders introduced into our territory. of Malvinas in accordance with the wishes of the English government".

"That is why the alarms are ringing today, this is why today our defense is higher than ever. Those who think that it is something temporary are wrong, this is programmed to be put into practice in complicity with British interests, the delivery will be would be put into motion," the ex-combatants denounced.

And they added: "We respect all areas of Argentine politics but when talking about the Malvinas we must be clear that it is a matter of state and we are not going to look the other way when there is an attempt to hand it over, we are not going to allow it."

"Today, those of us who were the kids of Malvinas, those of us who still fight, are not going to give up what was watered with the blood of our companions. That is why we raise our voices to prevent our people from being deceived by someone they do not care about. history nor our fallen and those of us who returned nor the people, because Malvinas is a cause of the people," they stressed.

In that sense, they stated: "Until today we only looked at the passing of our days and listened to different proposals for the good of our beloved homeland. It is also true that there is a space that downloads a message between the lines and organizes acts of vindication of past history. which generates more confusion for society," they noted.

The statement bears the signature of President Ramón Robles ; and Secretary Jorge Gaitán and thus joins the statements of national government officials who this Monday warned that the LLA's position regarding the "self-determination" of the inhabitants of the Malvinas Islands "threatens national sovereignty" and implies a " total ignorance of the Argentine constitutional regime".

The Malvinas Argentinas observatory in Río Negro joined the rejection

The Malvinas Argentinas Observatory of Río Negro expressed this Wednesday its rejection of the position of Diana Mondino , candidate for national deputy of La Libertad Avanza (LLA), in favor of the self-determination of the inhabitants of the Malvinas Islands.

"We denounce and reject the statements of Mrs. Diana Mondino, where she demonstrates a complete ignorance of Argentine rights over our Malvinas Islands and of the British colonial enclave in our territory since 1833 ," he expressed in a statement.


By Agenda Malvinas


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