Argentine mayors asked the Foreign Ministry to condemn the British oil projects in the Malvinas

They asked the Milei government to begin diplomatic efforts “to stop the actions that threaten the sovereign rights and economic interests of the country.”

8 de July de 2024 12:26

"We urge the National Government, through the Foreign Ministry, to formally and urgently condemn these actions before the international community," they urged from the FAM.


Given the project that contemplates the extraction of 500 million barrels of oil 200 km north of the archipelago, mayors who make up the Argentine Federation of Municipalities (FAM) prepared a document rejecting the extractive objectives of Great Britain in the Malvinas Islands planned to give start at the end of the current year or during 2025.

In it, the municipal leaders demanded that the national government, through the Foreign Ministry, formally and urgently condemn Great Britain's actions before the international community.

The declaration was made last week, within the framework of the renewal of authorities, where the secretary of Malvinas and National Sovereignty was created, which will be in charge of the mayor of the city of Río Grande Martín Pérez. The measure was taken after a series of works carried out by community leaders who make up the Atlantic Cities Forum, of which Pablo Grasso (Río Gallegos), Othar Macharashvili (Comodoro Rivadavia) and Marcos Castro (Viedma) are also members.

Within the statement, the mayors asked the government of Javier Milei to begin the corresponding diplomatic efforts “to stop these actions that threaten the sovereign rights and economic interests of the country.”

The Argentine Federation of Municipalities is the organization that brings together and represents all the municipalities of the country before national, provincial authorities and international organizations. Among its management objectives, the defense of municipal autonomy and the strengthening of management stands out.

By Agenda Malvinas


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