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The vice president will not come to the Rio Grande Vigil.

The intern within the Government lasts until April 2.

29 de March de 2024 12:03

Not even the Malvinas Cause unites them anymore.

The first anniversary of the Malvinas war during the La Libertad Avanza government could be the scene of a new demonstration of the Government's internal view of Security and Defense policy, or the platform for public reconciliation. For the week that comes, Javier Milei and his vice, Victoria Villarruel , who have just gone through a strong discussion in the open, are preparing two sets of events to commemorate those who fell in the conflict. The first is organized by the Executive for the same April 2 and will have three intertwined activities, in which the head of state will probably participate along with the ministers of Defense and Security, Luis Petri and Patricia Bullrich, among other national officials. The second is an initiative by the president of the Senate, which will focus on vindicating to former combatants, and it is not defined if the president will attend.

The commemorations for the emblematic date of the conflict find the Government divided by military issues. They began to prepare in parallel to the exhibition, to the surface, of the disagreements between the president of the Senate and the tandem made up of Milei himself, Bullrich, and Petri on the impact of the armed forces on the fight against drug trafficking. If they appear together in any of the activities for the “Malvinas Week”, as they call it in both terminals, it will be the first time they do so after those frictions public, but for now there are few confirmations.

Although it is still not clear who will participate in each tribute, the ruling party's plans are already outlined. The Executive is working on the organization of next Tuesday's events, which will begin in the morning, at 10, at the Cenotaph of the Fallen in Malvinas, on Av. Santa Fe and Maipú, in front of the 25 black granite plaques that have the names of the 649 soldiers who lost their lives in the conflict engraved; It will continue at 3 p.m., with an event at the Casa Rosada whose details, as usual, were kept under wraps; and will culminate at 5 p.m., with a mass in the Buenos Aires Cathedral.

The main Cabinet ministers are expected to attend these activities, including the chancellor, Diana Mondino ; several libertarian national deputies and, possibly, from allied parties. Among them will be the libertarian María Fernanda Araujo , sister of a soldier who died in combat, who is also part of the planning of the day and maintains good harmony with Bullrich . In fact, The day before yesterday, he participated in a talk that the minister gave with Petri at the Gelly and Orbes headquarters, and then publicly thanked him, via of Plaza de Mayo, Estela de Carlotto for expressing their wishes that the Government “change or leave quickly” after Milei and Villarruel asked for a “complete report”, amid questions to Human Rights organizations.


Villarruel organizes his own tribute

In parallel, Villarruel organizes her own tribute. Military issues are central to the agenda of the lawyer and activist defending the “victims of terrorism,” who claims her father as a veteran and has just denied, on Memorial Day itself, the number of those disappeared in the last dictatorship. Days after expressing that controversial position - which he does share with Milei - he is interested in giving special volume to the remembrance, which he commissioned from the Gesta de Malvinas leadership of the Senate . It will be on Wednesday the 3rd, at 4 p.m., in the Blue Room, and will consist of the first delivery (in that framework) of two Honor Diplomas to 12 former combatants; to the Commission for Fallen Relatives, and to the National Commission of ex-combatants, which, they highlighted, is “the only one officially recognized.” Milei and the ministers were invited, but have not yet confirmed attendance.

The heads of the Forces received their respective invitations for both events, where they will also see performances by the Armed Forces orchestras (the first, in the Plaza de Mayo, after the mass; the second, in a location not yet defined in the Congress Palace).But in the Casa Rosada and the Upper House they could not comment with certainty on the list of those present for each event.

By Agenda Malvinas


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