The Galicians and now the Kelpers said it: In 2022, Spaniards associated with the English stole 101,166 tons of squid in the Malvinas

The information comes from illegitimate authorities.

14 de March de 2023 10:49

Two of the sixteen Spanish fishing boats flying the Malvinas flag that plunder Argentine resources in the Malvinas.

The colonial usurpation government in Malvinas ratified last week the same data that Galician companies had given in October of last year and that Agenda Malvinas published: “Sixteen boats caught 101,166 tons of loligo squid, a figure only surpassed in 1989, when 118,120 tons were landed.”

In any case, the data published by the Kelpers is partial; since it only includes Spanish companies whose 16 ships sail under the Malvinas flag ( FK ). They avoid giving any type of information about what they took in the same period the hundred fishing vessels flying the flag of “Korea” ( KOR) and “Taiwan” ( TWN ) from whom they also obtain profits from the sale of licenses.

Although it goes without saying, both the experts in the field and the navigation monitoring platforms for the fishing operation in the South Atlantic annually identify a total of between 116 and 120 vessels within the alleged British Exclusive Economic Zone in the waters adjacent to Malvinas, usurped from Argentina.

The spokesperson for the colony's prosperity is none other than mercopress, and he titled it: “Boom in 2022 for Malvina squid and finfish fleets.” And they explain: “The Malvina Islands fisheries authorities have declared that 2022 was a record year for the territory's licensed squid and hake fleets. Sixteen vessels caught 101,166 tonnes of loligo squid, a figure only surpassed in 1989, when “They landed 118,120 tons.”

Record also in the capture of Hake

The information shared by the Kelper government not only stays in the Calamar; This time they attach data on the hake catch. In 2022 “trawlers caught 62,830 tonnes of this finfish species, becoming the largest annual catch (…) since the Malvinas established their exclusive economic zone in the mid-1980s. ”; Strictly whitewashed and endorsed by the Madrid Treaties of Carlos Menem and Domingo Cavallo , in 1989 and 1990.

Facts about Korean and Taiwanese fishing

“The figures for the third important catch, the migratory squid Illex, are not yet available, since the season is ongoing. But the jigger vessels, owned by companies from the Far East (NdR: with the flag of Korea and Taiwan) , which They have been fishing since the beginning of February, they captured about 15,000 tons 10 days after the season began,” they also say.

“Details of the boom year for fishing in the Malvinas were released by the Government Fisheries Committee, which met on 6 March and received reports from the Director of Fisheries. The director also reported on routine vessel inspections. fishing trips that took place in 2022.Issues of concern in inspections included accidents, out-of-spec safety equipment and outdated documentation.

By Agenda Malvinas


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