The Englishman who desecrated the graves of Argentine soldiers in the Malvinas plans to return to the country

Former English colonel Geoffrey Cardozo, who by order of Margaret Thatcher desecrated the graves of the Argentine heroes killed in the Malvinas war, causing the loss of identity of 123 of them, would come to Entre Ríos to give talks for peace.

9 de February de 2024 09:11

Geoffrey Cardozo; the executor of the violation of the Geneva Conventions ordered by Margaret Thatcher.

Executing arm of the greatest affronts that the bodies of Argentine heroes received after having fallen in combat during the Malvinas war waged against Great Britain for the recovery of the islands during 1982; Former English colonel Geoffrey Cardozo intends to come to our country with the purpose of giving talks for peace.

By Agenda Malvinas


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