"We reject being part of a show of false patriotism," ex-combatants expressed for the parade called by Milei for July 9

From La Malvinidad, a group of Malvinas Veterans for Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity, they indicated that the Government of Javier Milei aligns itself with historical enemies such as NATO and admires figures such as Margaret Thatcher.

6 de July de 2024 16:06

"We respect the decision made by each of the combatants in the Malvinas, but we want to make public our decision not to participate," they indicated.


Through an extensive statement, La Malvinidad, a group of war veterans, gave their reasons why they made the decision not to be part of the July 9 parade called by the Government of Javier Milei.

In this context, they explained, the National Government is calling for a parade to be held on July 9, which will be led by war veterans from the Malvinas. The initiative is part of multiple activities, announced as a vindication of those who fought for the defense of National Sovereignty 42 years ago in the South Atlantic, and the recovery of the relationship between the Armed Forces and the rest of the national community.

"We respect the decision adopted by each of the combatants in Malvinas , but we want to make public our decision not to participate in the parade or in any of the actions promoted by the national authorities in the same sense, for the reasons that we explain below ", they indicated.

Your reasons

They maintained: "Most of the signatories of this communication have actively participated in the organizations of former combat soldiers since the end of the war, or have been active participants in our collective achievements in the post-war period, and we continue to develop in different areas and disciplines , the defense for the full exercise of our sovereign rights in the South Atlantic.

From a very early date, on August 26, 1982, the Center of Former Combatant Soldiers of Malvinas in the Federal Capital - in its declaration of principles - established that we condemned the actions of the civil-military dictatorship of the National Reorganization Process, but we vindicated the actions of our Armed Forces in the defense of National Sovereignty, both in the Malvinas Islands and other territories of the South Atlantic, as well as in some other instances of our history.

It was not easy for us to maintain that position, when the memory of the crimes committed on the occasion of what was later called “State Terrorism” was very fresh. Many human rights and political youth activists accused us of being “pro-military,” because in our first mobilizations we wore parts or all of military uniforms. We responded that with those uniforms we had defended our country against the colonialist forces, and not murdered our compatriots.

“We went to Malvinas with the uniform of San Martín and the Flag of Belgrano,” we responded - and we respond - to those who questioned and still question the need to rebuild our National Defense system, as one of the main requirements (not exclusive), to the recovery of our territories usurped by a colonialist power and its allies.

We faced the fierce demalvinization campaign for several decades , when the war against the United Kingdom of Great Britain and its NATO allies was sought to be reduced to the “madness of a drunken general to perpetuate himself in power” and the former combatant soldiers to “victims of the military dictatorship” or “children of the war.”

Our preaching sustained over time bore fruit; In addition to obtaining important social recognitions - a collective task of the organizations of former combat soldiers/war veterans -, thanks to some political interlocutors, but fundamentally to the majority support of the Argentine community, we managed to reverse the political and cultural foundations of demalvinization.

We no longer speak of “victims of the dictatorship”, but of “Heroes of Malvinas”. Gone was the univocal hypothesis of the “smothering blow of a drunken general to perpetuate himself in power”, to consolidate in the majority consciousness that it was a confrontation of our country for its full territorial integration against colonial usurpation.

However, this partial victory (tactical) is part of a general situation of defeat for our Nation and its community (strategic).

The British have not only built the main military fortress of the Southern Hemisphere on Monte Agradable (Soledad Island), threatening Peace throughout the region , extending their territorial claims to more than a third of our sovereignty, including the Malvinas Islands, South Georgia , South Sandwich, Argentine Antarctica and its corresponding seas and platforms.

They also loot our fishing resources , granting illegal licenses to third countries (Spain, Taiwan, South Korea, China, etc.), which not only results in loss of foreign currency for our country, but also deprives millions of Argentine children of the proteins necessary for healthy growth.

The illegal occupiers announced the imminent exploitation of hydrocarbon resources, through exploitation licenses granted to companies that are preparing to loot to increase the accounts of the world's financial oligarchs, and not for the benefit of their legitimate owners.

Meanwhile, on the Argentine continent, the same economic groups appropriate most of the strategic natural resources : companies with majority shares from the British Community of Nations exploit the mineral deposits in our extensive country, leaving meager royalties and enormous liabilities. environmental; A large part of the agricultural production evades the payment of withholdings via smuggling in the Paraná River Basin, under the effective control of a raw materials corporation of Anglo-Saxon origin, and not of the Argentine State. The same thing happens with our energy wealth and not to mention the flight of capital derived from the fraudulent external debt, by the work of the same economic actors that support the colonial occupation in our South Atlantic.

The Argentine Republic is a country that produces enormous wealth, systematically looted by large economic-financial corporations of the same origin that we confronted with weapons in hand in 1982.

This would not have been possible without the complicity of a ruling class that chose to hand over the assets of Argentines, for their own personal survival, subjecting the people they should represent to poverty, destitution or misery.

The current National Government, which came to power among other reasons due to fatigue with this putrid regime that it skillfully characterized as “CASTE”, instead of representing the majorities that voted for it for a change of regime, proposes to consolidate the delivery of our wealth to those same sectors (RIGI), aligns itself with our historical enemies (NATO), affirms its admiration for its worst figures (THATCHER, CHURCHILL, REAGAN), fights with those representatives of the countries that we need to recover the Malvinas and preserve Antarctica (BRAZIL and the rest of SOUTH AMERICA), leaves us without international policy options in the face of the new multipolar scenarios (abandonment of the BRICS), impoverishes the majority of Argentines (fall in salaries and retirements), weakens our system of National Defense (lowering of military salaries and real reduction of the Defense Fund, in addition to useless purchases such as the F 16), is preparing to destroy what we have left of industrial production (abrupt drop in production in the sector and enormous idle capacity of workshops and industrial factories). And so many other measures that show a path to becoming a colony that supplies cheap commodities and hungry multitudes.

This is not what our Malvinas Heroes gave their lives for , and what we combatants who survived and have continued to fight for more than four decades fought.

We are part of the Argentine people. By order of our people, we marched to the trenches to fight against the new English invasion in 1982. Thanks to our people, we gained social recognition for our sacrifice, and the recognition of our fallen comrades as “National Heroes.” We have reunited with our people on numerous occasions in this long post-war period. And we will continue fighting alongside him to achieve a Nation that exercises its full comprehensive Sovereignty, where the majority can access decent work, with fair remuneration and equal opportunities. Where we are all part of the construction of our definitive Independence from all foreign powers.

For this reason, we refuse to be part of a spectacle of false patriotism , while we are condemned to the miserable condition of an impoverished colony. We are “neither progressive nor processist.”

Like the vast majority of Argentines, we defend a single policy: that of the Common Good of our Homeland.


Jorge Andrés Fernández DNI 14.493.184 - Soldado C/62 RI Mec 6 EA

José Francisco Zelaya DNI 16.176.322 – Soldier C/62 Anti-Aircraft Battalion (BIAA) ARA Marine Corps

Fernando Paul Cangiano ID 14,189,366 – Private C/60 Esc. Expl. Cab. Armor No. 10 EA

Miguel Angel Trinidad DNI 16.557.532 - Soldado C/62 RI Mec 3 EA

Ruben Pablos DNI 16.044.545 - Soldado C/62 RI Mec 7 EA

César González Trejo DNI 14.886.219 – Soldado C/62 RI Mec 3 EA

Juan Roberto Vera DNI 10,135,921 – Main Operations Corporal ARA Cruise “Gral. Belgrano” ARA

Darío Walter Núñez Soldier DNI 16.185.321 – Soldier C/62 Com. Mec. Ing. 10 EA

Fabián Riveiro DNI 16,593,979 - Soldier C/63 Logistics Battalion 9 EA

Ricardo Raul Castro DNI 16.044.118 - Soldado /C 62 RI MEC. 7 EA

Alfredo Páez Quiroga DNI 14.074.193 – Soldier C/60 Reg. Inf. Mec 6 EA

César Martín Belcic DNI 16.298.424 – Soldier C/ 62 Air Defense Artillery Group 601 EA

Luciana Pérez DNI 16.485.202 – Soldier C/63 Aircraft Carrier ARA 25 de Mayo ARA

Hilario Rodríguez DNI 14,822,093 – Soldier C/62 ARA Cruise “Gral. Belgrano” ARA

Miguel Eduardo Valdéz DNI 14,883,418 – Soldier C/62 Inf. Reg. No. 1 EA

Carlos Oscar Corsini DNI 13,938,395 – First Corporal Combat Aviation Battalion 601 EA

Hugo Eduardo Colman DNI 14,673,941 S/C 62 Ca. Mec. Engineer 10 – EA

Fernando Héctor Grünblatt DNI 1,992,444 -- Corporal 2nd Marine Corps ARA

Ramón Jesús De León DNI 16,028,970 Soldier C/62 BIM 5 ARA

Santiago Domínguez DNI 13,946,674 Soldado C/62 BIM 3 ARA

Daniel Ontiveros DNI 16,248,937 Soldier C/63 GADA 601. EA

By Agenda Malvinas


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