CECIM's response to another editorial from Diario La Nación in favor of impunity.

The Saguiers and their links that militate denialism and impunity in Argentina, fight against all odds so that those responsible for the war adventure carried out in 1982 during the War against Great Britain on the usurped Islands of the South Atlantic, none of them They, be condemned for serious violations of Human Rights for being responsible for torturing the “kids of Malvinas.”

23 de May de 2023 12:49

In addition to facing NATO mercenary soldiers, Argentine soldiers had to suffer torture from professionals in repression.

Once again today, the Diario La Nación adds another editorial to promote impunity for the events that occurred and were reported during the Malvinas War. The newspaper run by the Saguiers published in today's edition an opinion piece “Malvinas: the "right as revenge" being the focus of the presentation as Amicus Curiae before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation of the Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo Civil Association signed by Estela Barnes de Carlotto in her capacity as president requesting the opening of the Amicus Curiae and which was also call a public hearing for the purposes of submitting for consideration elements that may be useful and relevant for the resolution of the issue raised in the cases that are for treatment before the highest court that refer to the acts of torture suffered by former soldiers conscripts during the Malvinas War of 1982.

The boldness of the editorial line of La Nación on this issue is such that they try to impose their verdict of impunity on the hundreds of cases that were reported from the first day that the soldiers, in the middle of the military dictatorship, touched the continental area of our country. Despite having been received by an intelligence and counter-intelligence device organized to impose silence, many soldiers bravely denounced in the reception minutes before the very eyes of their executioners that they were inflicting terror and torture.

What a mess the Saguiers have gotten into, they can no longer control even their most distinguished journalists! On April 22, Hugo Alconada Mon published a note titled   Friendly fire: In the Malvinas, officers tortured Jewish soldiers in the middle of the war ,” referring to the book by Hernán Dobry that narrates how senior Army commanders unleashed their anti-Semitism on combatants from the Jewish community on the islands, where dozens of Jewish soldiers were tortured, cases that appear in Case 1777/07 that is being processed before the Federal Court of Río Grande Tierra del Fuego where, 16 years ago, 130 cases have been investigated in which some 100 soldiers who were part of the Army, the Navy have been reported so far and the Air Force.

The Saguiers and their links that militate denialism and impunity in Argentina, fight against all odds so that those responsible for the war adventure carried out in 1982 during the War against Great Britain on the usurped Islands of the South Atlantic, none of They, be condemned for serious violations of Human Rights for being responsible for torturing the “kids of Malvinas.”

The intention to misinform our society on the daily centenary does not change the social historical memory of what was experienced during the period March 24 to December 10, 1983. The Malvinas War occurred during the Civic-Military Dictatorship, which is why organizations defense of human rights such as Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, the APDH, the Provincial Commission for Memory, the Undersecretariat of Human Rights of the Province of Buenos Aires, the Hijos Group and many others work together in the search for the Truth before the factual powers of impunity.They were the same, those who tortured on the continent and those who tortured on the Saguier Islands!!!.

There are many apologists for the torture of soldiers like the Saguiers and many others who publish in the newspaper La Nación , as did former Army Chief Martín Balsa on April 25, who deny the soldiers' testimonies or hide behind the existence of an “alleged” disciplinary sanction, the “field dungeon”, (stacking: crucifying a soldier on the ground) and they express that the actions or acts are not torture and that they were foreseen and were the basis for them.

  The Saguiers and others, no matter how bad it may be for them, must take note that in the files that make up the judicial case, reference is made to the so-called “Campaign Dungeon,” this being an “anti-regulatory sanction not provided for in the law or in any military regulation.” .” where the three armed forces responded to the Federal Court of Río Grande stating that this figure is not contemplated in the military disciplinary regulations, nor in the repealed Code of Military Justice.

To continue, despite the wishes of the Saguiers and their deniers, who should pay attention to the opinion of November 18, 2022 issued by the acting Attorney General Eduardo Casal , which recommended that the Court annul the ruling of Chamber 1 of the Criminal Cassation Chamber, which rejected that the torture of soldiers in the Malvinas War had been crimes against humanity and, consequently, declared them statute-barred.

“The ruling deserves to be disqualified under the terms of the doctrine of arbitrariness for having focused on the consideration of a non-final sentence and replaced the criteria of the judges in charge of the investigation in the matter itself through a partial examination of the pertinent issues” , maintained the opinion.

Casal criticized that the Federal Court of Cassation considered – based on a 2009 ruling – that the torture reported by the combatants were not crimes against humanity “without ruling on   "all the proposals that were conducive to the solution of the case."

The Court of First Instance and the Federal Court of Appeals of Comodoro Rivadavia had considered that the torture applied by military commanders to soldiers during the war should be considered crimes against humanity and, therefore, imprescriptible.

But the Federal Court of Criminal Cassation reversed that criterion and dictated the prescription on the prosecuted soldiers, which was appealed by the Malvinas La Plata Ex-combatants Center, the Commission for the Memory of the Province of Buenos Aires, the Undersecretary of Human Rights of the Province of Buenos Aires and the Attorney General's Office   before the Federal Court of Criminal Cassation and must be dealt with by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.

Casal considered that the way in which the claim for what happened on the islands was resolved " does not constitute the derivation of the current law applied to the particular circumstances of the case." ”said the opinion.

“The extraordinary appeals raised are appropriate because, as the appellants affirm, what was resolved by the majority of the Cassation failed to provide adequate treatment to grievances that involve federal matters,” he explained.

The ruling that rejected the classification of “against humanity,” according to the interim prosecutor, “was based solely on the reference to a previous ruling by the court that did not address all the issues timely debated and leading to   to the solution of this dispute.”

41 years have passed since the culmination of the Malvinas War and there are still pending issues almost 40 years after having recovered democracy, the process of Memory, Truth and Justice must contain the last act carried out by the Civic-Military Dictatorship, which was to take us to a War that brought us more death and conditions for our country, which after the military defeat allowed imperialism to install a Military Fortress that conditions the Peace of Argentina and the region.

The kids of the Malvinas continue to demand Justice for the tortured comrades, the prodded, the abused, the bodies violated by anti-Semitism, the dead pinned under enemy fire, those murdered, those killed by hunger, those mutilated by the doctrine of national security.

Our People must know what happened to their Soldiers in the Malvinas, despite the Saguiers and the deniers.


CECIM LA PLATA May 22, 2023    

By Agenda Malvinas


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