The largest monument in homage to the Malvinas Soldiers will be inaugurated tomorrow

The colossal sculpture will be inaugurated in the Neuquén city of Zapala and will be attended by members of the Malvinas War Veterans Association. The details of the work carried out by Aldo Beroisa.

8 de June de 2024 10:36

This weekend the largest monument to the Malvinas Soldier in the country will be inaugurated. Photo: Municipality of Zapala

The monument in tribute to the Malvinas Soldier is in Neuquén, precisely in Zapala and will be the largest in the country. Finally, this weekend the sculpture built by the Neuquén sculptor Aldo Beroisa will be inaugurated and a large crowd of people is expected.

This is what the Malvinas Soldier monument looks like from the sky: it is the largest in the country and is in Zapala

After so much waiting, the work that began in June 2022 will finally be inaugurated this Sunday, June 9, and will become the largest monument to the Malvinas Soldier in Argentina. From the municipality of Zapala they reported that the inauguration will begin at 10:30 at the Fortabat and Dr. Posse access, with the presence of members of the Malvinas War Veterans Association.

"On this special day, in which tribute is paid to our heroes, a large influx of people from various regions of the country is expected," they said from the commune. In this sense, they reported that there will be local artists with live shows for the reception.

The gigantic monument to the Malvinas Soldier already looks finished and now its official name is written on its front, which completely discards the name by which it was originally known: monument to the Argentine Soldier.

Although the Executive did not clarify why the entity was initially "Argentine Soldier", it is estimated that this was until the name with which it will be inaugurated on Sunday was made official. The truth is that the sculpture will represent those Argentine soldiers who faced great challenges while fighting in the Malvinas and its creation fulfills the objective of paying tribute to all former combatants.

Monument to the Soldier of Malvinas: a colossal sculpture

The work created by Beroisa began in June 2022. It is a sculpture weighing about 20 tons and 17 meters high, including its pedestal. This initiative was recognized by the ex-combatants and led to Zapala being declared “Malvina City”.

The soldier is a sculpture that has a neutral face, without personalizing anyone specifically, so that when looking at it, each visitor can see in that face the person they need to meet again.

The kneeling gesture is a way to show respect towards the cause, towards those who have fallen in combat, a show of solidarity, a gesture of support towards a community affected by war.

The flag as a national symbol represents unity, freedom and the fundamental values of the Nation.

The space in which it is located was chosen taking into account several factors, this place is one of the highest points of the city, which allows the work to be seen from different points of the town as well as from its entrances. . Likewise, the type of terrain in the area was also thought of, where basalt is the most favorable material to support the structure of the work.


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