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Tierra del Fuego will initiate legal action against the company hired by the English to build a port in the Malvinas

In 2021, they initiated legal action against Bam Nuttall, when the usurping colony made the first attempt that was frustrated by the international rise in prices.

12 de March de 2024 10:44

Images published by the company Harland & Wolff of the future port of Malvinas

The secretary of Malvinas, Antarctica, South Atlantic Islands and International Affairs, of Tierra del Fuego, Andrés Dachary , announced that the Fuegian government will initiate legal action against Harland & Wolff ; the company hired by the British to develop a new port in the Malvina Islands, which will be built on four floating pontoons each 90 meters long.

In this case, it will be the second legal defense action at the international level that the southern province will carry out in an attempt to stop a strategic project of this magnitude, promoted by the British colony that usurps the Argentine islands.

In August 2021, during the first term of Governor Gustavo Melella , a criminal action was also opened against Bam Nutall, the construction company chosen by the English to build a deep-water port, 400 meters long by 60 meters wide, in Puerto Argentino. Project that ultimately did not prosper, due to the international rise in prices of the inputs required for the work.

On that date, the Fuegian government's complaint had as its argument that the company had been hired by the illegitimate authorities of Malvinas, for a work that did not have the "due intervention" of the Ministry of Production and Environment of Tierra del Fuego.

Yesterday, in statements made to FM Master's in Ushuaia , Andrés Dachary pointed out that “there is a second wave” on the part of Great Britain “of trying to strengthen the logistical capabilities in the Malvinas with a view to having greater operational capacity in the exploitation of hydrocarbons, in the fishing".

On this occasion, the province will follow a similar strategy, seeking to intimate the construction company and its suppliers so that they respect provincial laws. “We are going to advance a notice to the company to regularize it, as if it were advancing with this project in any other part of our province. In the event that it does not respond, or the response is not satisfactory, the Law provides for 90 business days peremptory deadline, the judicialization process will move forward,” the official explained.

In addition to legal measures, the province is tracking all suppliers and customers associated with the project to notify them of the pending litigation. “We are tracking with all the teams, the entire chain of suppliers and clients, with all the companies in different parts of the world that are associated with those who are going to carry out this project, to, if necessary, send letters documents notifying that this “The company is in litigation with the province of Tierra del Fuego,” the secretary added.

However, Dachary acknowledged the challenges inherent in the situation, especially with the Argentine government's tacit support for the illegitimate Malvinas authorities. “The response may be favorable, but honestly it is difficult to be optimistic that the company will present all the documentation because, obviously, it would come into conflict with the illegitimate government,” he commented.

Despite the difficult conditions, the province is determined to protect its interests and national sovereignty.Dachary stressed the importance of maintaining coherent communication in the defense of natural resources and seeking international support through channels established by the Hague Convention.

By Agenda Malvinas


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