One of those attending the Villarruel event is accused of torturing soldiers in the Malvinas

This is former Army Major Marcelo Llambías, whose case has been on hold since December 2021 in the Supreme Court.

6 de September de 2023 19:59

The former Undersecretary of Human Rights of Corrientes, Pablo Vassel, said that Llambias was "a torturer in the Malvinas and is part of the legion of those unpunished until now."

The former Undersecretary of Human Rights of Corrientes, Pablo Vassel , assured this Wednesday that the former Army Major Marcelo Llambías , denounced in a judicial case for alleged torture and humiliation committed against Argentine soldiers during the Malvinas War, participated in the denialist act of the crimes committed. During the last civic-military dictatorship organized in the Buenos Aires Legislature by the candidate for vice president of La Libertad Avanza, Victoria Villarruel.

Llambías - Vassel stated in statements to Radio Nacional - was " a torturer in the Malvinas and is part of the legion of those unpunished until now" in the investigation, whose file is waiting for the Supreme Court of Justice to resolve whether the reported crimes are whether or not they are crimes against humanity.

The case has been pending since 2007 before the Federal Court of the city of Río Grande, in Tierra del Fuego, and has been awaiting a ruling from the Court since December 2021, after Chamber I of the Federal Chamber of Criminal Cassation considered that the crimes investigated could not be considered "war crimes", and therefore "against humanity", because   Until now, more than 200 soldiers have testified in the case as witnesses and victims .

According to Vassel , the promoter of the judicial complaint, Llambías "is a long-time promoter of impunity, of the torture of Argentine soldiers in the Malvinas" during the war with the United Kingdom in 1982.

Vassel assured that Llambías , as a lawyer, "is responsible for defending his comrades" , some of whom, he highlighted, attended "the disastrous event" organized days ago by Villarruel in the Buenos Aires Legislature.

  The proclamations of Llambías

On his Twitter account, Llambías introduces himself as a "veteran of the Malvinas War, criminal lawyer, Catholic, pro-life."

Last Monday, Llambías published the following message on that social network accompanied by several photographs with other attendees: "While the lefties were crying loudly, this impeccable act of tribute was carried out to the more than 17,000 Argentines who were victims of Marxist terrorism. In the Homeland it begins to dawn!" The former military man thanked Villarruel and the Buenos Aires legislator from Libertad Avanza Lucía Montenegro for their organization.

Vassel commented that among the crimes reported in Justice there are, in addition to torture, abandonment of a person followed by death, coercion, threats, racial hatred and even sexual harassment committed against soldiers .

"We hope that the Judiciary takes responsibility for this complaint of what happened to our heroes in the Malvinas ," asked the former Corrientes official.

Vassel presented months ago at the Cultural Office of the Argentine Embassy in Italy, his book "Malvinas and Human Rights.History of the investigation into torture of Argentine soldiers in the Malvinas Islands", a work that covers the judicial process surrounding the complaints of torture suffered in the war.

The book has prologues by the mother of Plaza de Mayo Taty Almeida and the president of Abuelas de Plaza de Mayo, Estela de Carlotto.

The Llambias interviewer

Although she tried to cover the camera lens so as not to be filmed and identified, Clarín journalist and foreign policy specialist Natasha Niebieskikwiat was covering the event organized by Villarruel . To justify her presence in the Porteña Legislature, on her account Twitter said that she was not in line as a guest, but rather that she was interviewing “lawyer Marcelo Llambias.”

“NO GOMA I am interviewing the lawyer Marcelo Llambias and with colleagues waiting to enter - DO NOT CONFUSE MY DEMOCRATIC CONVICTIONS. Tomorrow I would return to that place a thousand times to interview whoever has something to say Be brave instead of lying” Niebieskikwiat replied; to the journalist and National Announcer of La Plata Joaquín Nardillo , when he, in the same social network, wrote: “Look at Natasha Niebieskikwiat, who pretends to be an independent journalist, standing in line with the guests who protest against the dictatorship and criminals. The truth I'm not surprised".

By Agenda Malvinas


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