With English presence and without Argentina, Peru began the “Resolute Sentinel 2023” military exercise

With a ceremony held in the “Capitán FAP José Quiñones” Room at the Las Palmas Air Base, Peru, the Multinational Exercise “Resolute Sentinel 2023” began.

4 de July de 2023 09:17

The Argentine absence makes the common history with Peru creak, born since the independence of both nations.

A Peru governed by Dina Boluarte , whose management is sustained through a clear association and alignment with the hegemonic nations of the West, breaks unity with Argentina, born at the dawn of the independence of South America that gave it life as an independent and sovereign Nation. .

  In this way and at this time, the Multinational Exercise “Resolute Sentinel 2023” is being carried out, whose opening ceremony was headed by the General Commander of the Peruvian Air Force, Air General Alfonso Artadi Saleitti , and the commander of the United States Southern Command 12th Air Force, USAF Maj. Gen. Evan Pettus . Also participating were delegations from the armed forces of Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Uruguay, Panama and the United Kingdom.

Leaders from the U.S. and partner nations pose in front of flags during the opening ceremony for Resolute Sentinel 23 at Las Palmas Air Force Base in Lima, Peru, June 26, 2023.Resolute Sentinel Improves readiness of US military and interagency personnel.joint training in defense interoperability, medical and engineering projects and knowledge exchange. (U.S. Air Force photo)

By Agenda Malvinas


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