The Galician shipyard Nodosa advances with the largest renewal of the fishing fleet for the Malvinas

It will build the largest unit that the Pereira fishing company has ever allocated for the extraction and processing of Patagonian squid with an illegal British license.

21 de November de 2022 16:13

The new freezer ship is construction number 305 of the Galician shipyard.

One of the main shipyards located in the Spanish city of Vigo, capital of Galicia; received the order from the Pereira fishing company, for the construction of one of the largest trawlers they have ever manufactured; which will be used for the illegal capture of fish resources in waters adjacent to the Malvinas through one of its joint ventures based in the islands under the name of Orion Fishing Company .

The design is very similar to that of the Prión , whose construction began last September, for another joint venture formed by multinational Pescapuerta that was registered in Malvinas as Petrel Fishing Company Ltd.  

In this case, it will be called Nuevo Argos and will have – like the Prión – a hold capacity or volume close to 2,500 cubic meters, 85 meters long and 14 meters wide. Thus becoming one of the two largest ships in the renewal of the fleet fishing with illegal British license built in recent years.

The new freezer is construction number 305 of the Galician shipyard , who has designed and developed it entirely, together with the technical team of the Pereira company, with delivery scheduled for the end of 2024.

In the design of these two vessels, a series of important technical innovations stand out in terms of the environment, safety, comfort and breaks for the crew on board, and especially in the quality of the fish accumulated in their holds, tested and tested by Pescapuerta in the “Falcon”; freezer vessel delivered by Nodosa a year and a half ago and with excellent results in its first fishing campaigns in the South Atlantic.

The ship's refrigeration plant will use ammonia as the main refrigerant, thus eliminating the use of fluorinated gases, and, as a consequence, reducing the environmental impact and damage to the ozone layer. The design has also taken into account improvements in habitability and working conditions on board.

The boat's hull, with a unique inverted bow, has been designed to optimize seakeeping in adverse weather situations and reduce fuel consumption.

In this way, the Nodosa shipyard has received, since the contract for the Monteferro vessel in December 2018 for the Rampesca fishing company; seven orders for the construction of state-of-the-art ships for the associated looting of the English and Spanish in the Malvinas. “A total revolution,” describes the Galician newspaper Faro de Vigo; means that exposes the network of mixed companies that build and design new ships for the Argentine islands of the South Atlantic, such as Pereira, Pescapuerta, Rampesca, Lafonia and Copemar .


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By Agenda Malvinas


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