The governor of Tierra del Fuego added criticism to Milei for his praise of Margaret Thatcher

After new statements by Javier Milei justifying the usurpers of the Malvinas Islands, Gustavo Melella charged against the libertarian president through his X account (former Twitter).

8 de May de 2024 14:02

“The British are illegitimate occupiers and they no longer have to be in our land,” said Melella, in contrast to Milei's statements in front of a media outlet belonging to the usurpers.

Through the social network

"She ordered the sinking of General Belgrano outside the exclusion area and is responsible for that war crime," Melella said of Tacher , adding that the former British prime minister "does not deserve our admiration."

These statements by the Fuegian president came after the interview with the Argentine president by the English BBC network , which generated repercussions because, in addition to praising Tacher, Milei defended the visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom, David Cameron , to the Malvina Islands last February.

"I regret the President's statements, because they do not correspond with what the National Constitution asks of us, nor with the feelings of our People," said Melella , adding that "we are clear that the Malvinas were, are and will be Argentine."

“The British are illegitimate occupiers and they no longer have to be on our land," concluded the governor of the Argentine province that contains the South Atlantic archipelagos among the territories to which it belongs.


By Agenda Malvinas


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