“At some point the author or authors of this project seem to have a total lack of knowledge of the activity and even more so, of the role that the State should have in the sustainable and sustainable administration of the resource”; César Lerena.

23 de January de 2024 10:59

The conception of fishing as a resource in the Omnibus Law project of the Javier Milei government.

The introduction that is made, to what would be the final change to the reform of the Fisheries Law, is a generic one that, as in the case of fishing, seems - at least - imprudent in a negotiation stage in Congress. Refer to that "during the last few weeks the draft Bases and Starting Points Law was subject to extensive citizen deliberation", makes it clear that this project lacked due consensus and also states that "not only PEN officials went to present to Congress, but they did it...representatives of groups, whose privileges were exposed", which, specifically, states: "The basis of the problem is that the current actors in the sector, regardless of a technological update in recent years, carry out their activity almost free of charge. Thus, a natural resource that belongs to all Argentines is exploited without the population being able to appropriate the part of the income that corresponds to them. As an example, royalties on shrimp are around 0.3% and those of hubbsi hake are around 0.15%. This is the problem that urgently needs to be resolved. In this way the project encourages the bidding of fishing quotas.

First of all , we should ask ourselves: has this opinion been issued by the current Undersecretary of Fisheries Juan Antonio López Cazorla? Because the term “royalty” is not mentioned even once in Law 24,922 and, in any case, it should refer to capture rights that are those that apply to companies and vessels (Art.43º inc.b, c and d) for the extraction of resources. Now, the application of said rights is a function that corresponds to the Undersecretary (7th inc. .l) and a mere Resolution would have been enough to apply the determination of its value established by the Federal Fisheries Council (Art.9th inc.

By Agenda Malvinas


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