Gómez Centurión against Diana Mondino; "It is absolute ignorance of international law"

With this response, the War Veteran and NOS leader questioned Diana Mondino's statements about the Malvinas, who had assured that the islanders must decide their own destiny.

12 de September de 2023 10:09

"Two United Nations resolutions clearly say that it is a sovereignty dispute and that there is no place for the phenomenon of self-determination of peoples," said the former military man and war veteran.

Mondino is an economist and advisor to La Libertad Avanza and, as confirmed by Javier Milei , she will be chosen to head the Foreign Ministry if they become the Government. For this reason, above all, her statements did not go unnoticed.

In an interview with the English media The Telegraph he spoke about his position regarding the Malvinas: "Many years may pass, but no decision can be imposed on other people, neither on the Argentines nor on anyone. Decisions can no longer be imposed. , that has to end," he said in one section of the report. And then he added: "How would someone who was not born or raised in Argentina understand inflation? Why would anyone want to be part of a society? We need to become a normal country and we are an empty country".

Juan José Gómez Centurión responded to the economist. Beyond the constitutional provision that establishes that "the Argentine Nation ratifies its legitimate and imprescriptible sovereignty" over the islands, the former Carapintada stressed that the issue of the self-determination of the peoples, in this case, has already been resolved by international law.

"The two United Nations resolutions regarding the Malvinas Islands clearly say that it is a sovereignty dispute and that there is no place for the phenomenon of self-determination of peoples ," he said.

"I give another example: if today you go to the website of the United States Secretary of State you see that they do not recognize the sovereignty of Great Britain in the islands. Therefore, they do not grant it the right to a referendum. The only position that has "Argentina's claim to sovereignty has been sustained for 41 years. The self-determination of peoples does not take place by United Nations standards and by customary law ," he added.

The leader described Mondino 's statements as "unusual."" I was surprised.

By Agenda Malvinas


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