The Malvinas fishing companies build more ships with the profits from plundering the resources of the Argentine sea

To increase the exploitation of Argentine fish resources in the South Atlantic, the fishing company of the British colony of Malvinas, Fortuna Ltd; closed a contract with the Spanish Nodosa Shipyard, for the construction of a new ship that will be operational at the end of 2024.

22 de September de 2022 16:01

Registered vessels with effective residence in the British colony of Malvinas, of the company Fortuna Ltd.

Days after announcing the opening of a subsidiary on the island of Formosa/Taiwan, whose capital is entirely from the Malvinas; The directors of Fortuna Ltd and its business partners approved the construction of a new trawler to replace the FV Capricorn in the Loligo squid fishery starting in the 2025 season.

Construction of the ship was launched this month at the Nodosa Shipyard in Marín, Spain.

By Agenda Malvinas


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