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The AGP signed an agreement so that the Army Corps of Engineers has a presence on the most important river route in the country.

14 de March de 2024 08:53

Ambassador Marc Stanley at the signing of the agreement between the General Ports Administration and the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

The government of Javier Milei took another leap in its absolute alignment towards the United States , by enabling the installation of North American military personnel on the Paraná-Paraguay Waterway . The General Ports Authority (AGP) signed a memorandum of understanding that enables the arrival of the Corps of US Army Engineers in one of the largest freshwater basins in the world . The opposition denounced that the measure "attacks national sovereignty" and asked that the Chief of Staff, Nicolás Posse , attend Congress to explain the implications of the agreement.

With a compendium of abstract phrases, the AGP reported that it is a process of joint collaboration in the exchange of information and management of the Waterway.Specifically, the pact allows the presence of the United States military in the country's most important river route, through which almost all of Argentina's exports pass .

By Agenda Malvinas


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