Tai An crew members denounce that they were not paid their salaries

The company's response was that they will not pay until they allow it to sell the toothfish that was confiscated, after having been sanctioned for fishing in protected areas and with an expired license.

24 de April de 2024 11:41

They denounced Prodesur “for abusive, arbitrary conduct with unjustified delay in the payment of salaries.”

It turned out that while Liu Zhijiang , owner of the Tai An vessel , insists on pointing out that it was incidental fishing and that there was a deliberate maneuver to harm him, his employees have filed a complaint with the Ministry of Labor of Tierra del Fuego for non-payment of monthly payment and production. Prodesur 's response was that they will not pay until they allow it to sell the toothfish that was confiscated. Workers in the sector assured that in the province “there is a lack of controls” and pointed out that the Secretary of Fisheries of Tierra del Fuego, Carlos Cantú; He lives in “the city of the diagonals, in La Plata, but the guy is the Secretary of Fisheries of the Province.”

The news emerged through a publication on the portal “revistapuerto.com.ar”, where it is stated that “The crew members of the Tai An vessel that was sanctioned for fishing, according to INIDEP data, 175 tons of toothfish illegally, have presented a complaint to the Ministry of Labor of Corrientes, for abusive and arbitrary behavior in the delay in the collection of their salaries at the end of the trip.”

The same medium indicates that “They only collected a bonus of 43 thousand pesos and the owner of the Prodesur firm has told them that he will not pay until the cargo is released so that they can sell it. On the other hand, Liu Zhijiang has made public statements in which he accuses the quota-holding companies and the press of carrying out a deliberate maneuver to harm him. "He insists that it was incidental fishing and assures that if the conditions are not modified he will not be able to continue fishing."

It is then mentioned that on April 11, Gonzalo Soto and Juan Valiente, delegates of the SOMU, denounced the Prodesur firm "for abusive, arbitrary conduct with unjustified delay in the payment of salaries" , violating article 39 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

“50% of the proportional salary on production must be paid, credited by the crew member once the trip is completed and the other 50% within 72 business hours of having completed the unloading and if the unloading had not been completed within 8 days after the ship arrived at port and the remaining 50% within 72 business hours," the complaint states and indicates that having arrived at port on March 21, the deadline has been greatly exceeded, "corresponding to the crew member 100% of the assets.”

“They don't want to pay the settlement to the sailors who caused the black tide until they sell the seized hake, that's the answer we get,” a sailor from Tai An told Ushuaia24 , the media outlet that reported on the situation. The crew. To date they have only received a bonus of 43 thousand pesos, which is even 4 thousand pesos less than what they were entitled to. The crew members also pointed out that delays in salary payments are common in the Prodesur company and that its owner systematically refuses to deliver salary receipts so that they cannot report irregular settlements.

For this same issue, Radio Provincia consulted Juan Segovia , who at the time was a representative of the SOMU in Tierra del Fuego. Segovia pointed out that “the worker will surely complain to the union about this issue. Surely yes, the union is always present. Although I am not in the SOMU today, the SOMU is being managed by a colleague Suárez Raúl, but I was the person who brought the union here,” the interviewee clarified.

He then indicated that “the work was carried out by contract, because even if one is an effective employee of the company, one has to be paid for the work done no matter what. What the company is doing at this moment is waiting for the sale of this illegal catch, which is practically being given away, because in the Asian market, in the European market, that merchandise is worth much more than what is being said here. ”.

He assured that “that is the price that is considered FOB, but the terminal market price is something else. So what does the company do? Once the fish is sold, they have a refund, although the refunds are not like before, because before you had a refund from the Patagonian port, a refund for all these fish riches that were caught here, so they are paying with the same money as gives him the Nation. In other words, the company's investment is having brought its money here to work and the wealth of our sea continues to disappear, without any control," Segovia warned.

The sailor said that “ there are competent authorities on the matter, who cannot say that they realized now, just now they realized that that ship was doing that. In other words, how many more Tai Anes are there in Argentina? How many more Tai Anes are there in Ushuaia, in Tierra del Fuego?” Juan Segovia asked himself.  Finally, indicating that " it lacks controls, it lacks controls and you have fisheries inspectors, and you also have (the Directorate of) Provincial Fisheries, which are conspicuous by their absence."

“Do you know who the Secretary of Fisheries of the Province is? (Carlos) Cantú Did you hear it? Where do you live? In the city of the diagonals, in La Plata, but the guy is the Secretary of Fisheries of the Province. From the president of the Port, who is also responsible because he is an authority, the turtle is slipping and now we are finding out because a crew member supposedly took a photo. There are very delicate things here, and in the province there are a lot of needs and there is a lack of control,” concluded the interviewee.


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