Argentina signed a Letter of Intent with Italy for eight helicopters

It took place within the framework of Minister Taiana's visit to Rome.

24 de September de 2023 09:31

It is suitable to join the OPV ocean patrol vessels, incorporated in recent years by the Navy.

Jorge Taiana 's visit to Italy last Wednesday the 20th, together with a delegation from the Ministry of Defense , and the series of meetings he held with his Italian counterpart, Guido Crosetto ; This led to a tour of the Leonardo helicopter production facilities on Thursday the 21st, in order to learn about the capabilities of the AW109 manufactured by that Italian company.

In this way, the minister endorsed the interest of the Argentine Republic in the acquisition of eight AW 109 , with the objective of expanding the control and surveillance capabilities of maritime spaces under national jurisdiction, since the system that these aircraft have is suitable for joining OPV ocean patrol vessels.

In April, during the LAAD 2023 international fair held in Brazil, Leonardo representatives consulted by Zona Militar highlighted the capabilities of the AW109M , which “has a four-axis autopilot, with various equipment focused on SAR missions, such as the side winch, as equipment inside the cabin for medical evacuation tasks of up to two people, as it is a helicopter weighing approximately three tons. Its cabin can adopt various configurations for the operational requirements of the mission, providing a transport capacity of two crew members (pilot and co-pilot) plus 6 people.”

As was the case with previous documents signed recently , the Letter of Intent is a first non-binding step to advance in the negotiations for the new aircraft , in order to determine the package with which they could be acquired, payment and financing terms, among other variables. .An aspect of great importance to advance the negotiations for the purchase of military equipment for the Argentine Armed Forces.


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By Agenda Malvinas


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