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Unanimous repudiation of ex-combatants of the British embassy and the inaction of the Argentine government

Ten ex-combatants from the Malvinas who were in effective combat actions, expressed themselves in harsh terms against the British ambassador Kirsty Hayes and the Argentine chancellor Santiago Cafiero, for the continuity of the English competition that calls for university students under the motto: “Why I would like to meet my neighbors in the Malvinas.”

1 de September de 2022 20:06

Argentine soldiers during the recovery of the Malvinas Islands in 1982

On Wednesday the 17th of this month, the embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Argentina, launched for the third time the contest “Why I would like to meet my neighbors in the Malvinas”. (1)

Three days later, on Saturday the 20th at noon, the Argentine Foreign Ministry issued a statement rejecting the English diplomatic action. (2)

However, two weeks after the British action, Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero has not summoned Ambassador Kirsty Hayes , nor demanded that this contest be lifted that attempts to confuse the new generations of Argentines, with whom the population implanted in our islands, are " neighbors” and not usurpers; and that they are not Malvinas but “Malvinas”. Even less is the ambassador's withdrawal from the country due to the violation of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations and ignoring the National Constitution and the laws of the country.

40 years after the war, Agenda Malvinas consulted an important group of ex-combatants who were in effective combat actions, to find out what their opinion is, a) the British de-malvinizing propaganda in our own country and b) the lack of energetic action by the national government through the chancellery, of not summoning the ambassador and demanding the lifting of the contest, or failing that, requesting its withdrawal.

The responses of Carlos Brusker, Silvio Katz, Rubén Cena, Guillermo Huircapan, Rodolfo Carrizo, Martín Araníbar, Ever Moriena, Rubén Brosky, Gustavo Pirich and Pedro Pablo Pérez , were the following:


1 - Carlos Brusker: “It is essential for me to demand a strong response from our government”

Firstly, I repudiate the intentions of the British government, which through its ambassador in Argentina intends to carry out a new usurpation of our sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands, using terms such as " neighbors" that aim to colonize the minds and spirit of our young people. Pretending in this way, the submissive and voluntary acceptance of the young people, that the British are the true heirs of our islands. And why not; thus facilitating the control of our seas, and in the future having great influence over all of Latin America.

On the other hand, I question the passivity of our government in not responding vigorously to what as a former combat soldier I consider not only a lack of respect for our country, but mainly a lack of action against what should be considered, an insult to memory. of our Heroes. A lack of respect for the honor and bravery of all former Combatant soldiers and, furthermore, a detriment to the pain of their families.

For this reason, it is essential for me to demand a strong response from our government to the manifest intention of the British government through its embassy.

2 - Silvio Katz: “The government would have to stand firm, force the closure of the contest and fire all personnel INCLUDING the ambassador”

Propaganda is even normal, I don't expect anything from those who usurp. It seems logical to me, they need propaganda to justify what is illegal.

The government would have to stand firm, force the closure of the contest and fire all personnel involved in it, INCLUDING the ambassador.


3 - Rubén Cena: “The diplomatic inaction of our government disgusts me”

It is to be expected that the usurping population will use gadgets in pursuit of their pirate interests.

What disgusts me is the diplomatic inaction of our government, at least citing the British ambassador in complaint and urging the cessation of the action.


4 - Guillermo Huircapan: “The reaction of the Argentine government is not surprising, it has already shown lukewarmness regarding incidents or international cases”

Even though this contest may seem nice and harmless to many, it only tries to present the illegal occupation of an Argentine territory as if it were independent and there was no conflict. And they do it before several South American countries. Simulating or not knowing that they are violating a principle of international law such as that of the territorial integrity of a Sovereign State like Argentina.

The reaction of the Argentine government is not surprising, in my point of view, because it has already shown lukewarmness regarding incidents or international cases. How was the reaction to the violation of our airspace by ships that went from Chile to our Malvinas? recently? Very lukewarm, so much so that today we do not know the Chilean response.


5 - Rodolfo Carrizo: “We call for the Argentine Foreign Ministry to expressly condemn and declare ambassador Kirsty Hayes persona non grata

It is a systemic provocation. The United Kingdom of Great Britain exercises its colonial power over dependent countries. Conditioned by the hegemonic world that imposes various actions that have to do with what was established as a prerogative in the Foradori Duncan Pact .

Although it is true that this Pact seems to be dormant, almost worthless, a product that was not approved by the National Congress, the truth is that, among one of its clauses, an exchange with students of different levels does appear to learn about the Malvinas Islands and exchange information.

But it is nothing more and nothing less than a policy of Boris Johnson 's government, which is clear that the Malvinas Islands are a strategic objective for the Empire. And that everything they build in that direction serves to consolidate power, maintain its military power at the Monte Agradable Base, maintain the link between the two oceans, maintain the Antarctic projection and obviously, make a misappropriation of all the natural assets that are there.

Therefore, this action should also have a forceful response from the Argentine government. A response that we have given from the CECIM and we have demanded that it declare the British ambassador in Argentina persona non grata .

I believe that the actions of the popular camp and of all patriotic sectors must be one of deep condemnation of this action, of denunciation; of how the empire exercises its policies to illegitimately appropriate what does not belong to it.Let us remember that the usurpation has been going on for more than 189 years and that, therefore, these actions have nothing to do with gestures of good friendship, which do not raise the underlying problem of the sovereignty dispute.

In conclusion, it is good to remember that the Malvinas Islands have an established population. And that is also part of the strategy that the United Kingdom proposes to justify its presence and impose its economic and military dominance, also to gain the will and awareness of confusing way in those who understand that the Malvinas can be an independent territory of the United Kingdom. A matter that is false and is not going to happen.

We call for the Argentine Foreign Ministry to expressly condemn this, and obviously declare ambassador Kirsty Hayes persona non grata , as an act of disapproval of the action carried out by the British.


6 - Martín Araníbar: “A president who is immersed in banal issues does not act by giving instructions to the Chancellor to vigorously reject the British proposal”

It is a media communication outrage that tends to violate the true origin proposed by UN Resolution 2065, which is the negotiation of Argentine Sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands.

A country that currently does not have an axis of diplomatic discussion on the British usurpation is navigating a lack of control over what is truly important, which is the recovery of our Malvinas Islands.

A chancellor who is worried about other petty matters, politically speaking, means that he does not do his job effectively. He has the tools and does not use them, our National Constitution and its First Transitory Clause.

A president who is immersed in banal issues does not act by giving instructions to the chancellor to vigorously reject the British proposal before the United Nations, to put emphasis before the Decolonization Committee, and to urgently denounce this new diplomatic outrage that ignores all the resolutions emanating from the UN on the Malvinas Question.


7 - Ever Moriena: “It is for teenage students who walk down the street wearing t-shirts with the British flag”

I don't know what the underlying objective of this "contest" is. I think that the Argentine students who can go will do so with a position already taken and what they can sell will not change the perspectives.

Why would I like to meet my neighbors in the Malvinas? Obviously it is for teenage students who walk down the street wearing T-shirts with the British flag, without knowing anything about the Malvinas and the war. It would be more of an exotic question than a real one.

Of course you should summon the ambassador and request that the contest be lifted! In any case, regarding the claim, I believe that the foreign policy adopted by this government is disastrous, offering to be a gateway for Russia and China in Latin America. In this way way removes any dialogue table.


8 - Rubén Brosky: “If it had not been for the ex-combatants, surely British demalvinization would have grown”

The answers to these questions fall of their own weight. The reality is that, if it had not been for the ex-combatants, for the systematic information given by us all the time, surely British demalvinization would have grown. I do not know if we are facing a town of deluded people or what.

Let's remember what happened to us in '82. The merit, I think, is the systematic information that we are giving in schools and in all the places we can, with talks, conferences and debates. So that is what generates a lot resistance and will clearly oppose it. Above all, the new generations. Today's children are much more eager to understand and understand what happened with respect to our generations.

As for the second, too. We have a government of inept people and much cannot be expected from them. I say this with great anger, because surely everyone must respond to the same logic. The Foreign Ministry and even more so the current chancellor, Santiago Cafiero, lacks of all suitability to reverse everything that this contest means.

It makes me sad and ashamed. Above all, ashamed.


9 - Gustavo Pirich: “To achieve the recovery of the Malvinas, beyond the protests and the votes in the different international organizations, actions must be strengthened”

British propaganda is constant and systematic. They do not stop for a minute. They are clear that the decisive battle is cultural.

Mark Kent did it, the current pirate ambassador Kirsty Hayes does it and whoever replaces her will do it. They know how to win battles. We don't counteract that.

The Foreign Ministry should establish an apparatus that especially counteracts this. It is done more by militants and groups through the networks, in a fight that is often very exhausting because it is not centralized, and which should be taken advantage of by the Foreign Ministry. But that does not happen because there is no political decision.

For example, in the Expo Prado exhibition (annual event held in Montevideo, Uruguay, where kelpers are allowed to participate) , to which we traveled to repudiate the presence of the British stand designed to disseminate the tourist options of our Islands. Malvinas, but like Malvinas. The British showed posters with gaucho motifs, appropriating symbols that were not their own and to which the Foreign Ministry did not respond appropriately.

There is no political decision to vigorously protest or take action against the pirates. I understand that it has to do with the very heterogeneity of the Front that governs or tries to govern. Therefore, the difficulties not only exist in this, but also in other aspects .

In past years the definitions were more forceful. Denouncing internationally and trying to affect economically, which is the great lever.

For me, to achieve the recovery of the Malvinas, beyond the protests and votes in the different international organizations, which are necessary, actions must be strengthened.

And this is seen a lot, in international aspects with different positions. When the chancellor comes out with a position on Nicaragua, Cuba or Venezuela supporting these countries, then at the institutional level the Foreign Ministry comes out denying that support. These divergent positions on the same issue , in the international aspect, they greatly damage the strength that one may have.

The same thing happens with the Malvinas, this must be corrected by putting up a very strong fight. And the fight has to be political within the Front itself, to present an alternative that carries out the elimination of the Madrid Agreements and the Foradori Duncan Pact, which are central and core aspects, which allow us to continue moving forward with this de-malvinizing and surrendering policy.

I think that is the way. And, above all, continue fighting in the streets to make each of these issues visible.


10 - Pedro Pablo Pérez: “The attitude of the British ambassador in Argentina is a true reflection of the crimes they committed during the war”

What is happening is very worrying. But this is the policy of these pirates who want to continue governing the territories that are still colonies. And one of those colonies are our beloved Malvinas Islands.

The contest does not surprise me, because that is what they are for. The same thing about wanting to keep all the riches on our soil. It is not that they want sovereignty, they want to exploit and exhaust the resources; the money they obtain from the sea, from fishing and from oil. Everything that is in the South Atlantic, which is a world reserve.

What does concern me are all the sepoys that there were, that there are and that there will surely be in successive democratic governments. And it is not that I am against democracy, on the contrary; because since I returned from the Malvinas, I have been a staunch defender of the rule of law. Even so, what makes me sick are the sepoys we have inside.That annoys me.

By Agenda Malvinas


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